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  1. Would like to make a list of the compressed downloads I have. Zip files. REX20Full. REX_PLUS_OD_220121029_TO_REXE_UPG REXEssential REXEssentialPlus rexessplusod_sp1_20121029 to 2013...
  2. OK. Will get back here once I have everything reinstalled. I do have the last download and will install it to its own folder. I guess I should reinstall REX after I get all my scenery, misc programs and aircraft installed? Will probably be at least a week. I will be starting everything fresh with FSX on W7 on separate SSDs. Thanks. heres my current 3.3.2013.0715
  3. Essential Plus. At one point I redownloaded it (took like 24 hours or such with my connection) and did updates but weather engine would still either crash or black screen FSX Acceleration stating weather error. Then I got an email for an autoupdater and after installing that while trying to read the many posts made about issues trying to get it working properly that's when all h*** broke loose and my scenery was all wrong (never got an good answer but I believe it had something to do with a backup saved in REX) and I had to reinstall all that again and left REX as it was for textures and used another weather engine. But as I said above I would like to get it all reinstalled and working properly. Is there a single post somewhere on how to install and update in proper sequence and anything else involved one could start from scratch? With a fresh FSX on a new drive...made easy possibly? For people that are very limited in their time on the PC? I mean really limited. If I can get a few hours flight time a week this time of year I am doing good. So far REX has been the only challenge. FSX itself with some popular tweeks like HIGH MEM and so on, all my PMDG, A2A, Aerosoft, etc installed easily and have worked pretty much flawlessly. At one point while trying to get REX working without reinstalling FSX and everything else I somehow lost Overdrive textures though they were still in the folder the selections for overdrive on the main REX panel no longer worked. It was a mess. Thanks much. Mike
  4. Hello. I have not been doing much of FSX acceleration lately but picking it up again. About a year or longer there was update after update and then an updater and my REX Overdrive went whacko and then I had to become a verified and it all got pretty nasty so I left everything as it was-basically REX weather working sporadically. At the time I could not invest all the time reading and reinstalling and so on. Just for a weather program it to me at least seemed to have gotten pretty confusing tracking down all the different posts on what and how and where to install. OK. I am now wanting to get this thing up and running properly but to be honest I do not even know where to begin only I guess because I gave up in such a confused state and now I come back with a sense that I am biting off more than I can chew. Maybe it has gotten much easier with less downloads, updates and threads to have to read but I hope others can remember how it was back then and as far as I know may still be that way. I am willing to reinstall FSX, PMDG, scenery, A2A-everything onto a new SSD even. Is getting REX up and going with Overdrive now a simple task? Sorry, I know I could spend the next 2-3 days between work and chores reading over threads and posts and updates and faqs...well, where would one even begin? Redownload REX from place of purchase and trash prior downloads? And have sympathy, when I gave up on it all a year maybe more ago all I know is it all looked like chaos here on the forums and maybe I was wrong but all I saw was question after question especially with the getting verified and the autoupdater not working for me at least.
  5. Yes, I knew that... Don't know what made me think different. You are right though. Exact same there. Must have been sleepy at the time.
  6. Just love the Essential w/OD. Great job on the manual also. Wondering if I can take some OD cloud textures from the original REX OD and add them to the Essential OD? There are some I really liked that I notice are not in the Essential OD now.
  7. sorry. thanks, that seemed to do the trick-the reinstall of REX. system is win7 (hate it so far) intel dual core 3.4mhz radeon 5750 1gb ddr5 4gb ddr3 1tb hhd 7200rpm not a high end but does the job for fs9
  8. I tried REX service packs and overdrive some time back but the water reflections were way too unrealistic so to remove them I eventually had to remove FS9 and reinstall. Well, I got a higher-end system since then and thinking that the new graphics card and more processor cores the water reflections would be better, not. I went to REX options and reinstalled backup. No change. Even a restore point prior to installing service packs and ovedrive, no good. Uninstalled REX and still no change. So now I have to go and do a total uninstall of FS9 again? Nightmare cause then I have to go through all the add-on installs again too. Any suggestions on how I can get around this? This time I hope I have learned my lesson. The water reflections are just waayyy too reflective and even the water color has stayed as I had set it with the REX program, not revert back to FS9 color.
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