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  1. I purchased REX Essentials+ from the FlightSimStore (FlightSimStore.com) in 2010. I recently did a wipe of my computer and went to their site to redownload REX Essentials+. Unfortunately, their download links are dead or outdated. I have attempted to contact them but have received zero response. I have my order number and serial number. Is there a way to access the core installation files? I see the updates on your site. Sidenote: I know the product is outdated at this stage and there have been upgrades / service packs. So, if there's a newer version than REX Essentials+, I'd prefer to download the latest version that I am entitled to. That will save me a bunch of upgrading from the site after installation. Thank you in advance for your help. I'm sorry FlightSimStore dropped the ball.
  2. So this issue was reported on September 26. That means that for 2 weeks (14 days) I've been troubleshooting this with your team. I wouldn't be frustrated by this if I at least got one response a day to move progress forward, however I've only gotten a total of 3 meaningful responses that resulted in progress being made in resolving this issue. Why is it that a customer who has been monitoring this topic and diligently responding to any of your questions is only getting .21 responses a day? This means that for the total of 336 hours I've been monitoring and hoping for a solution to this issue, your team has spent approximately (I'll be generous and say it takes 20 minutes of your team's time to make a meaningful post on here) 1 hour. This entire situation for me has been a huge customer disappointment. What are you guys willing to do to make this right for a long-term customer who gives glowing recommendations to friends about your software? I really don't want to switch to a competitor's program, but I will if I can't get a meaningful response from your company. In closing, I'm sorry to be "that customer". I've worked in customer-facing, customer service roles and I know that it's possible that this message will only get to someone who's powerless to fix the problems I'm bringing to your attention. However, I'm holding out hope that someone meaningful in your company will be able to look into the issues brought to your attention here today, and offer a meaningful solution to resolve my customer concerns. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read through this post and I hope I wasn't out of line above.
  3. Yes, I run all my programs on my computer as an administrator.
  4. The other thing I've noticed is that in the beginning of the flight I can click on the REXWX icon and the window pops up; even if I don't have "top most" checked. However, it appears that the window stops popping up after it freezes. Therefore, I shouldn't have to have the "always on top" button checked if we can get whatever is causing the program to lock up fixed, right?
  5. Okay, so I cleared the history, cache, and everything else in Internet Explorer. I also went through and set the cache to zero. Using the "always on top" works well enough. Unfortunately, the issue with the REXWX window freezing still persists, but this is a new twist. Instead of it just freezing, I am now getting the following error: "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at rexwxmap._default.Page_Init(Object sender, EventArgs e) in c:\Users\Reed\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\rexwxmap\rexwxmap\default.aspx.cs:line 50"
  6. I'll try these suggestions after I land this current flight in about 8 hours and report back. I'm doing a long-haul for FedEx at the moment from PHNL-TNCM (-: One other thing I wanted to ask while I have ya here is if there's a way to start up REXWX without starting FSX from within REX. This would be a convenient feature as sometimes I forget to load up REX before I get on the ground and get all setup. Thanks again for the help!
  7. I hope this information will help as well. Today I decided to try out the weather program one more time. I of course went through and started REX as an administrator, went through the process of installing current weather textures, and then started FSX from REX using the "Fly Now" button. What I noticed is once again, shortly after take off I couldn't get the window to pop up again. Everything was working fine until I actually started flying. I had purposely placed the WX Engine on my secondary display so I would be able to see it by minimizing my other programs without messing with the sim. What surprised me is it appears that the window itself is completely frozen. It's almost like a browser that can't load a webpage. Even though I'm half way through the flight, REXWX is acting as if I'm at the airport just taking off. I've attached two photos for reference. The first one shows REXWX side by side with FSCommander to show you how far off the location of the aircraft is on the map. The second one is a clean picture of the REXWX. Let me know if there's anything else I can provide to help resolve this (-:
  8. Are you using the same units in each? (i.e. F or C)
  9. Hello! I've noticed an issue that I've been running into when flying and utilizing the WX Engine's Window to monitor weather. During my flight, if I click on the REX icon in my task bar, the window won't stay in front of FSX. Instead, it immediately goes back behind my FSX window. If I hover my mouse over the icon, I can see a miniature of the program, but I would rather be able to view the window like any other program while flying. I will include my system specs in my signature for reference.
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