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  1. Found the problem! It was the way Shade (FSX addon) was depicting the fog color. I messed around with those settings and finally have the right fog depiction at different times of day/night. Thanks for the kind help, glad it isn't an REX issue!
  2. Well that's good and bad news... I have no idea what it could be or where to start my troubleshooting. Thanks for the help though!
  3. Hi guys, When flying into IMC conditions at night, it looks as if I were flying through the clouds during day lighting. This happens whether it's rain, fog, snow. I attatched a screenshot below to show what I'm talking about. This was taken with the sim set at 11PM. Is this an REX texture problem? If so, is there a solution? Thanks, Kyle
  4. Another FS9 post

    Hey guys, I have done some searching and haven't found anything that answers my question that has been posted recently (within 2 months). I noticed Essentials is out for FSX and that brings up a question a lot of us FS9 guys are curious about. Will essentials be released for FS9 too? Really hope we haven't been kicked to the curb! Thanks!