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  1. Didn’t bother me, I was just happy to get a solid update... 🤷‍♂️
  2. Ok, I'll just leave it set to manual and hope ActiveSky will adjust fog levels when needed. Looking forward to the auto mode adjustment/update. My favorite part of the program is auto mode (along with the area we can manually fine tune). Thanks!
  3. Good news, the update seems to have improved a lot of previous issues, and the mini UI is back! The one thing I'm disappointed on is the constant haze. When fog mode is manual, the haze is gone. When it's "off", it's a hazy mess. Reading the manual it says any RW weather engine will overwrite fog settings. So I'm guessing just leave it to manual and Activesky will adjust the fog levels when needed? I know that's not what the topic is about, but I can't find my answer elsewhere and I don't want to start another topic in a flooded support forum. Thanks!
  4. I also run both as admin, and permissions set as above. Start EF before P3D. Still no UI. P3Dv4.4, EF 5.0.2019.0503
  5. I believe I am on the latest version. When checking for updates, it claims I am up to date.
  6. I also no longer have the mini UI. I haven't installed anything new, or done anything different, it just doesn't show up anymore. Running latest hot fix and start EF before the sim.
  7. I’ve already tried that and it does improve it, but wouldn’t call it a fix. With that setting you’re now going to have false visibility in the sim when METAR reports low viz.
  8. Hope I found the right forum for this! First of all, loving the product! It's changed so much of the feel of the sim. My only complaint/suggestion is the visibility/haze. It seems even on the clearest of days, the max visibility is 62 miles. This isn't great when trying to simulate what is really seen out the window. Sure there is going to be a limit on visibility in RW but it's definitely not this low on a clear day. It almost looks like there is a constant wildfire nearby. Is there any way this can be adjusted to further out? The other question is with the in sim weather conditions portion. Mine just shows something like "????&AO..." and goes on with a bunch of numbers and letters that don't make sense. Is this normal? Anyways, like I said I love the product, I just wish I could see a bit further when cruising at FL360 and it's nothing but clear skies for the entire region. Oh, and my ActiveSky settings are all set to be above 100 miles. Thanks! Kyle
  9. -Disregard- For whatever reason, tried 10 or 20 times and now it's working... Thanks, Kyle Hatch
  10. The windows zip program was the problem. I used a different unzipper and it installed correctly!
  11. Haha I was referred to IDM as the "one and only" download manager, oops. I've used flash get before, I'll try again. I am still interested in how it's caused my C drive some memory loss.
  12. Oops, looks like I didn't upload it correctly. I used Internet Download Manager to handle the download. I use Google Chrome but it shouldn't have had anything to do with it since IDM took full control of the download. The screenshot is how it looks when unzipped/"extracted" from the original zip.
  13. I purchased it through Simmarket. I'm assuming you want the Simmarket order #? I updated my signature with that info just now.
  14. Hi, I am having an issue with the main installer. I extract the downloaded zip and run the "setup" file but all that happens is my computer lags for about 5 minutes and then the /system32 folder opens up and nothing else happens. Also, each time I run the setup file, my C drive free space drops, I've lost 6 GB of free space. It doesn't drop a lot of free space, but it adds up after a few install tries. I attached a screenshot of the extracted zip as the icons look different from what I've seen with others. My system is W7 64 bit. I'm not sure what is going wrong, I've never had an issue quite like this when trying to install REX in the past. Thanks, Kyle
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