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  1. Off (if ON, then EF loads weather from the NOAA-Server, which is not necessary, because Active Sky already delivers all weather data)
  2. I don't think, that it has anything to do with FSUIPC or any hotfix. I got this error message two days ago three times and also yesterday. I start EF with windows, no FSUIPC or SIMSTARTER NG involved. Today I had no problems with validation. Kurt
  3. I also agree. I restored the original shaders and installed Environment Force. No reinstallation of client, HDR is active. The first time I startet at my favorite airport LIRN, I was speechless. Totally different and more realistic. I have made several flights with FSLabs Buses now, never saw the same clouds and ambient lighting and also the water looks more realistic. No crashes. There are some minor glitches where the cockpit is too bright or there seems no haze. I will stay with Environment Force and happy with it. Maybe I am a fortunate one Kurt WIN10 Pro, GTX 1080, I-6700K, 32 GB Ram, SSD's, P3D V4.5, all the Orbx Global and European stuff, Vector, Real Traffic (PSXseecon)
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