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  1. you can mark this as solved. I got it working.
  2. I did what you said. Turned off UAC, went through windows firewall, temparaly allowed Eset to stop protecting (my antivirus) as well as Malwarebytes Premium, and ran SP3 and 4. I guess the base pack was updated? i dont know but this is what i got. I managed to get overdrive installed though.
  3. Hi guys. So Im having an issue with installing SP3 and SP4 as well as Overdrive. Both SP3-4 say "software not found" even though i followed the instructions on the forum. Also the screenshot below is the issue i get with overdrive on both of my computers that have flightsim. One is a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and the other is the same OS but REX was on a hard drive that failed and im trying to reinstall it.
  4. I hate winter....

  5. I hate it when I can't fall asleep.... -_-

  6. Uploaded another video to facebook.

  7. Ok I made a video for my sub system in my car just for facebook (facebook exclusive). I made a different version to upload to youtube tomorrow. Both videos are done but it takes a long time to upload...

  8. I absolutely hate it when im recording a video for facebook or youtube and the batteries on my camera are dead.... THEY ALWAYS ARE when I try to record ANYTHING!! AGH!!! >.< Anyways, I guess il record the video later today after the batteries have been charged.

  9. Plows working overtime to clear the parking lot at work. Nearly got stuck this morning leaving.

  10. Ok fat squirls. You guys are bats. Litterally. I saw a few today hanging off the berry tree branchs today. ????!!! Those squirls are insane.

  11. Hate getting the blue screen of death. I got to say though, it happens alot less on this gaming rig then on my gateway FX6000 at my dads. Microsoft built the blue screen of death as a safe way out for windows to shut down encase there was an error with something that could corrupt the operating system. so it saves your computer's butt everytime you get it even though everybody hates it. My most recent blue screen was caused by a USB driver that stopped working....

  12. Its storming for the first time in months like rain and thunder! what a suprise! Like its heavy rain too in bloomington just a mile north of the minnesota river.

  13. Halo 4 is awesome. But even on normal difficulty, its hard to play. Graphics are amazing. Just like my Nvidia 690 on my gaming computer.

  14. Now that i paid for Halo 4, il go to gamestop yet again around midnight. Group #3.

  15. Going to GameStop at midnight to pick up my copy of HALO 4!!!!!!

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