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  1. Everything will be Ok:) I believe, I missing my flights
  2. Yes sir 0517 , by the way I would joined with federico but I was unable due to my work, in my first freeday we will meet. Brgrds Erkas
  3. Hi, Using P3DV4.5 hotfix 1 , when I select an A/C in the select menu or using sim options panel whatever , after press OK , sim suddenly stops or sometimes A/C selection view seems white fully. when I delete the shaders after closing sim , everthing is seems to be fine , please help Best Regards Erkal
  4. Hi; PMDG cockpit is so shining , and very bright , any chance to fix it ? or any updates should we wait? SS: https://ibb.co/PFhd3K7 Best Regards Erkas
  5. Many thanks for reply REX team. We are waiting good news patiently. Brgrds Erkas
  6. Hi, In real the time sun is down , sky is almost black but at the same time the sim sky is still look sunny , I am using fsrealtime and Simsolute timezonefixer, is there a solution for this issue? image: https://ibb.co/1256X91 Brgrds Erkas
  7. Hi Everyone , My FPS is starting good around (38-45FPS with mostly cloudy), but when I changed the camera setting especially when I fly with spot view, FPS suddenly drop down and it never get better even I turn back to cockpit. this issue caused by P3D or any different things ?? https://ibb.co/52S4QWp Brgrds Erkas
  8. Hi Dear Simmers and REX team I think it has been discussed before , but I would like to ask after the last EF addon. Initially I love the motor of the active sky and it's operating principles very good add-on indeed, I was using the active sky and sky force(only cloud sync-not WX engine) before environmental force was released , there is something I just wonder , Can I use Active sky and Sky force engine together? or should I not use both of them? I haven't tried WX engine after the last update of the sky force , more precisely, I have no idea how to work stably and correctly of Skyforce WX engine. I guess I shouldn't use them both together, is it possible to get your ideas and experiences? Thank you so much Best Regards Erkas
  9. Hello Everyone everything is gonna be alright I think , I have never seen before like below scene screenshot , EF is very good and stunning add-on, there are some shortcomings but I think it will be fixed soon. MY CONFIG IS: SF3D + EF with all options on in Auto mode https://ibb.co/GHN5TXQ
  10. Hello colleagues; I've tried on Tomatoshade program and it doesnt work, My problem is still active , should we wait any hotfix or any different solution?? Note: Default planes does not get any problem(like Bonanza , Cessna etc..) this problem only active in PMDG or other payware A/C's) Screenshot: https://ibb.co/JCRnXCW Best regards Erkal
  11. Hello Friends, I am using EF with automation mode, and before PMDG flight, cockpit displays loading very late and it seems gray and black completely and also some indicators appear to be intertwined(for example: compass on the PFD ) , please help to fix issue? Other add-ons: Tomatoshade dark with Reflection , REX Skyforce, PMDG 737-800 Screenshot : https://ibb.co/JCRnXCW Best Regards Erkal
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