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  1. Try using this tool, it's free and it does wonders. http://www.venetubo.com/fsx.html
  2. Snow

    > edited, wrong post
  3. REX Essential

    Ok so I can stop refreshing
  4. REX Essential

    hmm I keep refreshing hoping I'm first
  5. REX Essential - UPDATE

    Don't blame REX for doing it right. I'd rather wait for a release which is as bug free as possible than to install something which is only half baked. Yes yes, there are many companies out there that instead of releasing a stable version they release something which is actually in a beta state, but I don't think we should encourage such behaviour. Take your time REX
  6. Any plans for XP-10 clouds and water ?

    Just makes me wonder why the makers of xplane don't contact the REX makers in the first place. REX should be standard. Why waste resources on trying to do it yourself if you know you can't do it well enough.
  7. New Video Card???

    I have a gtx 570 and it's a good card, I can play most recent games on max settings in fact. I have an intel i7 2.8ghz. But it's true that fsx demands a lot from the cpu.
  8. the unfolding world of computer graphics

    When it sounds too good to be true... http://notch.tumblr.com/post/8386977075/its-a-scam
  9. Questions on themes

    I think you have to press the install button after you have changed the settings in the theme window. Did you do that? It takes some time to install the new textures
  10. Whatever happened to SimAir?

    I'm waiting to see what it is. If it's a good addition to the fs experience I will buy it. Otherwise I will buy the training course for the 737ngx from AoA... Expensive month for fsx so far :s
  11. Whatever happened to SimAir?

    hopefully the winners wake up in time, otherwise we might be waiting forever
  12. It's coming,PMDG's NGX!

    I also bought it this afternoon. It's worth it. Beautifully modeled, very nice cockpit and it flies great
  13. It's coming,PMDG's NGX!

    Oh lucky you Maybe you can post some screenshots in the meantime?
  14. It's coming,PMDG's NGX!

    It has arrived, but I didn't manage to buy it yet. Apparently their web shop is under a ddos attack. Very sad for the pmdg guys, worked their ass off to bring us this beast and now this. We'll have to be patient I suppose