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  1. Still waiting patiently
  2. Step 1 seemed to work but step 2 said that I needed a "bootstrapper" The instructions also ask to press some weird button that my keyboard doesn't have. I'm sure that I have updated this software in the past without all this trouble. I am still getting the notice on texture direct that I need to update my software.
  3. okay I tried that, it didn't work. I also tried downloading from the forum it seemed to install but when I went back into texture direct it still prompted me to update. When I click on the auto updater and click on texture direct it says that I am not a verified user. I recently just added the sales # for this product and soft clouds on the forum. If I purchase the weather architect does that put everything under one roof? I have old versions of REX Overdrive texture pack on my computer plus REX essential plus overdrive. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to delete them.
  4. I am trying to update my texture direct with soft clouds because it is telling me to but when I click okay and it opens another window that seems to have the file but when I click on it and press run from the windows box I get a security warning that says the package could not be opened. I have version 4.4.2015.0115 and it wants to update to 4.7.2015.0818
  5. Sounds like weather architect is for me. I will wait in line. One last thing when you say weather engine, is that to generate real weather? It would be great to see a tutorial video going through the settings of these things and explaining them, the one you have seem mainly to deal with installation. Thanks for an AMAZING product. I still can't believe how real flightsim is getting!! I was once flying my Challenger ultralight (real one) at 1500 feet back to my local airstrip in Ottawa Canada and was actually thinking would I rather be in my flight sim?
  6. I have had REX Essential plus overdrive for some time and was installing the updates on the weekend. It made me realize that there is a lot of talk about real world weather. Is that the main purpose of RE+OD? I never fly in real weather I like to set it up myself using the FSX weather box, just because it seems simpler. I understand that Texture Direct will create the weather using selected themes, which is amazing (I've been using flight sim since they had "billboard" clouds). So my question is, if I never fly with real world weather is RE+OD doing anything for me or is it all texture direct? Thanks
  7. Thank you very much for your thorough answer. I have been really enjoying REX4. I remember, way back when clouds were like billboards...we've come along way. Thanks
  8. I love REX! The improvement in the default FSX weather is amazing but I am confused. I have Real Extreme 2.0 (Jan. '11), REX Essential + Overdrive (Nov. '12) and now REX 4 Texture direct (Jan '14). The thing is I still have them all on my computer, should I be uninstalling any of the old versions? Also, I like to set up my weather from the FSX weather box, I just find it very simple to do it there. I don't really care about real weather anywhere because I set my weather conditions based on what I feel like doing...crosswind landings, finding a grass strip in marginal VFR, full ILS landing in thunderstorm with crosswind gusts etc. Here are my questions... 1. I am assuming that REX sets the textures that will be used by FSX even if I design my weather for a particular flight in the FSX weather box. Correct? 2. Am I getting the best out of REX by setting my choices in the FSX weather box? 3. Should I uninstall older versions? 4. Do I need to open REX 4 T.D. every time I fly if I am selecting weather from FSX weather box or are the textures already loaded. 5. In the choices for clouds in REX 4 T.D. they seem very similar, when I select a different set of clouds are they installed in FSX? 6. I get a fair amount of flickering and clouds disappearing and reappearing is there something I'm doing wrong? As I said I am a big fan and will buy anything you guys put out. Just want to make sure that I am not doing something wrong. Thanks
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