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  1. Trying to update my Texture direct with soft cloud here is my order; Soft Cloud # 619314 from FSPilot shop Texture Direct #537575 from fs pilot shop
  2. Love what you guys have done with the clouds but often they flicker off and then back on again. I'm not sure if it has something to do with my graphics card or settings. It happens randomly not just in certain conditions. I have REX with overdrive but I generally don't open it when flying I select my weather through the FSX weather box...always wondered if I am actually using REX when I do this or not. I also find that large chunks of land will also just turn black momentarily and then back...maybe it's related. I have a pretty good system overclocked to 4 mgh lots of ram etc. Any ideas?
  3. I don't know why I am having such trouble getting verified. I have had REX for over a year, it was a gift, it came in a box I have no recollection where it was purchased as I have no recollection where I purchased a pair of winter boots over a years ago. All I know is that I am holding a box that contains a disc which was purchased from somewhere and given to me as a gift. I'm sure I gave my wife the information to purchase it. Make no mistake I LOVE this product that is why I am so curious to see how you have improved it. I would love to know that you were able to stop clouds from just disappearing when you fly close to them or that they stop rotating when you are turning near them. That is why I was on this forum over a year ago when I had just recently received it and actually had all the info you are asking for. I am very fortunate that I have been able to put thousands of dollars into my flight sim, I have a dedicated computer built just for this, I have an HD projector and a 100" screen with a great deal of hardware from CH, Saitek and Goflight. I can assure you I did not somehow acquire my copy nefariously.
  4. I am still trying to get verified. My order number appears to be with my reply thread it is 295412. Hope that works.
  5. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by the order number. I got REX as a gift last Christmas or the one before, I honestly can't remember, that's why I have the boxed version. I think I gave my wife the link so she could buy it. But we definitely bought it. All I know is that I have the disc. Is there any way of doing this without knowing where it came from? If not I'll keep digging.
  6. Ij just checked my account history with FlightSim. com it doesn't seem to be there. I tried the fkightsim store and couldn't find it either. Could I have purchased it from you? Not sure what to do.
  7. I buy most things from Flightsim.com so I assume I got it from there. looking forward to the update
  8. Trying to get the update I do have a boxed version of REX I don't know what the PM is and once I do how do I send it to Tim? Thanks
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