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  1. Greetings yet again Tim, I managed to find the beta and installed it according to the instructions. My version build is showing as 3.9.2016.0115. I just loaded the weather for YAPD and the main screen returned with the picture as cloudy Temp 22C, Dewpoint 15C, Pressure 1016MB and visibility 30SM. REX has now loaded what seems to be the correct cloud and weather this time. Hopefully this has sorted the problem. I will let you know if it goes wrong. Thanks again Paul
  2. Greetings Tim, Yes I can give the beta a test if you can tell me or provide a link as to where to get it? paul
  3. Hello Galen and again, thank you for your follow up. Unfortunately the issue has not been resolved. I followed the instructions given by Reed regarding the "Standard Mode" etc. And again, irrespective of what details/data is received from NOAA, I am not getting real time weather. Again we have minor cloud here in Adelaide (YAPD) yet REX weather injects Clear sky.
  4. Thank you once again Reed I do understand what you are saying but I am actually totally lost and none the wiser. Whether it is my settings, which I doubt, or something else is going wrong. Without trying to be overly pedantic, I will again describe what I am getting this end. It is 1235pm here in Adelaide YPAD and we have light to medium overcast cloud. I start up REX, go to weather and type in the YPAD ICAO code and submit. It returns this time with the correct date however the weather is fine and sunny on the first screen showing a full sun with no cloud around it. I also have the "Use real-weather data option selected. I select the "view weather" and I get the latest satellite picture which is clearly showing cloud over most of the state of South Australia, which is correct at this actual time. This radar image is coming from and used with permission from ACCUWEATHER.COM. I hit "Fly now" , OK to start the weather engine, get the weather engine initiating, please wait alert, then a message that reads loading Pseudo stations ( whatever that means in this situation, I presume it is intended for simulations and not real pilots ), Loading complete and a display of a fine clear sky in FSX. We had a fine clear sky yesterday hence my presumption that the weather data was a day late. If what you are trying to explain that the time stamp is irrelevant then It is not the current most accurate weather. I again go to the REXWX screen, right click and load weather, get the pseudo thing again , injecting weather, loading complete and still a clear sky. In Configuration Manager / Weather in the WX Plus mode, as far as I know everything is default as; Initial weather delay timer 1 Minutes Weather surface region 1x1 lat/long weather refresh rate 10 minutes weather injection altitude settings - enable minimum weather - ticked and at 0 altitude In general Weather Engine Settings I have only Enable REX weather engine, Enable green message bar, and enable weather data ticked, the rest are not. Weather Grid interpolation is ticked (enabled) In the Cloud configuration I have Maximum turbulence at 1, Icing at 1, Ratios centered, enhancements all ticked, Turb/shear both ticked, Global cload layers all unticked, Cumulus def. fluffy, stratus stable and the last one Anvil. Does this info give you any more light on the problem? Thanks again paul
  5. Thank you again Reed for your reply, The inability of REX to gain real weather details from Australia as it actually is , is disheartening. Can I strongly suggest that an update to the weather engine be implemented to enable it to access weather details from Australian servers and for that matter other parts of the world where weather data may be delayed? On the odd occasion that we get rough or turbulent weather we would like to fly it in our simulators. If I am correct then, this weather data is read from American or European servers? If so this very much restricts the purpose and use. Hope something can be done for the future of your add on. Paul
  6. Thanks Reed, Yes I understand this to be the case and the issue. In other words those of us here in Australia will have to put up with day old data? I wonder about those living in the western state of Australia. Are they maybe two days behind? Surely this can be rectified? There are no doubt many of us here in this time zone that are affected? Regards Paul
  7. Hello again Rstough, Just to mention again I started a flight this morning from YBBN Brisbane to YSSY Sydney at about 0945 hours on this day of 31st December. I loaded the weather selecting YBBN which returned the date of 30th December which is one day behind. I imagine that the actual real weather would be pretty similar to yesterday. Regards Paul
  8. Good Morning or afternoon Rstough, Thank you again for requesting follow up on this issue. Just for your information I have had another issue with FSX not responding. Due to this I have re installed everything related to FSX only to find that the unresponsive issue was actually caused by my Saitek hardware and the gist of it is that, according to google searches, I really did not need to re install FSX and the associated software but simply just unplug my hardware then re connect but that is another story. The result of course is that I did re install REX and have been doing a few flights around Australia and all seems to be working as it should. As far as Adelaide is concerned I still can not test the weather again until I have a suitable relevant scenario. I have done a flight or two around the country in our top end Darwin (YPDN) and I am getting cloud, lightning and thunder which is about normal weather for that area this time of the year. When Adelaide gets a run of bad weather I can compare real world with REX injected and advise further. Thanks again for your perserverance Paul
  9. Greetings once more, Well I have just re tried and it is still not injecting true weather. We here in Adelaide, South Australia (YAPD) have been experiencing some hot dry weather over the past few days with temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius. Today however we have been forecast 44 degrees with a cool change expected tonight. As I type this and after starting an FSX flight at 11am we have increasing cloud cover rolling in and medium winds from the south west. I am no weather expert but at 11am Adelaide time our actual real weather is 7/10 overcast, windy with no rain as yet. Departing YPAD for YSSY (Sydney) in FSX at 11am REX has injected weather as clear sky, no cloud whatsoever and a little minor haze. I again noticed that the weather is has loaded is probably from yesterday. Therefore it seems that REX is NOT getting real time weather? Also, yesterday afternoon I did a multiflight with the friend who uses Active Sky from Longreach YLRE to Hamilton Island YBHM in Queensland. There also he had building clouds and lightning, a little rain when approaching the mountain range. This was what the weather would have been at the time. Any other ideas please? Regards Paul S
  10. Hello Timest999, I am not sure whether this topic is actually resolved at this stage. By all means close it if you wish. I still can not understand why, on that particular day mentioned in my first post that a multiplayer friend in the same city using ActiveSky had the weather in his simulator exactly as it was on that day at that time yet I had pretty much clear weather. Unfortunately here in Adelaide it is summer so we / I have few opportunities to re test what REX injects. When we I get an opportunity I can report the results. Thanks for your patience Paul
  11. Greetings again Reed, Unfortunately I can not recall the exact day that it occurred as it was two or three weeks ago. Never the less I have just tried it again with the same issue. Please note that at the time of doing this and writing to you it is the 25th November 2015 at 9.50am here in Adelaide South Australia. "YPAD" I have hopefully attached the screenshot and others that may be of use and did notice that the date for the weather data is dated 24th November so is a day old. For some reason it keeps telling me that I can only upload 2MB every time I go to attach another screenshot although i have converted them to JPG.
  12. Hello there again rstough and thanks for all your help. Yes at this stage the issue seems to have been resolved. I had not marked it as resolved or closed as you had indicated that you were going to keep it open with your remark " We are continuing to monitor this topic for possible further action." As I said, it seems to be resolved however the only other thing I can mention if I may is that although the weather engine started perfectly and injected weather into FSX as expected, the actual weather was not true to the real world conditions. We had a day the other week whereby here in Adelaide, South Australia we had rather severe weather conditions with rain, thunder, lightning and strong winds however REX loaded in calm and clear weather, weather we had the previous day so I am assuming that the data that the REX weather engine received was a day old? A friend of mine actually flew with me in multi however he uses Active Sky which actually reflected perfectly the flying conditions at that time. Is there a setting I have incorrect perhaps? Since then we have had fair weather here in Adelaide so have been waiting for another day when we have bad weather, which is not often this time of the year, to give REX another test. Thanks guys and sorry to be a pain
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