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  1. Well, the key could have work, or another one could have been provided in order to use the standalone product.
  2. Hi guys, I am an owner of a REX4 TD wSC licence. I was juste wondering if by any means I could install Rex4 TD, standalone (no soft clouds), for P3Dv4 using my licence in an official manner ? Thanks
  3. Hi Guys, I own rex3 ESS + OD and I had it activated for P3D. Now I considerate buying REX4 + Soft Clouds. I will have to uninstall REX3 in order to install the new product. I just want to make sure my P3D license won't get lost in the process. I think I already "saved" my profile within REX3 but I have no clue about how I will reactivate it as I have no tangible account, password, etc ... Thanks for the help.
  4. Hi, I was wondering what options you use to get a correct VAS usage. I do not overload my simulator with tons of add ons but usually they are heavy. The simulator can follow and deliver performances, however the 32bits limit is now the big constraint. Recently I loaded the default P3D aircraft on New York from Drzewiecki, REX option at max and I had like 50Mo free. So my question is basically from the option list covering airport textures, runway etc ... which ones are the most costly and that I should remove ? Thanks,
  5. One more question, I created an account by using the "Backup" button, only then I upgraded my REX to P3D. Now I want to "backup" again but I am prompted to create a new account, and can't use the previous credentials. What I am supposed to do ? Thanks
  6. Thank you, I understand that this user account is not the same as the one on this forum, nor the one used for REX Latitude. Is there any way to find out if we already got one in the past, I honestly do not remember if I went through that process or not
  7. Thank you, So now I have REX Ess SP3 + OD, but I cannot use it into P3D. I do not mind paying the P3D fee but I have one question before: how do you manage re-installations ? I may re-install my computer on a regular basis (like when changing hardware), and I am a bit worried by an in-app payment. Thanks
  8. Hi, I bought REX the 2011-01-01. The versioning of REX and update process has always been kinda obscure. I remember than when OD went live, it was given for free on this forum, on my disk I got a "REX Essential" installer, and a folder named "REXESS_PLUS_OD_20121029_TO_REXE_UPG" with a "rexessplus_od_setup" inside. Now I want to move to P3D so I went on flightsim store to download the latest version, and I find a "REX Essential+ SP3". I noticed that now you can buy REX Essential+ only, or REX Essential+ with OD. My question is: Is there a way to keep my Overdrive, or do I have to rebuy something ? Thanks. PS: My version is 3.5.2012.1029
  9. First, please read my post, you'll realize we are 9 pages of posters waiting to be "verified" Second, this whole process is idiotic. Can't you guys do as everyone does and make something simple and automated ? How many people bought REX, how many of them never went on this forum before trying to get the update ? Are you seriously verifying all of those on an internet forum ?? How many of them will find this verification topic since there's no clue about it when you are trying to get the update, and since it's in a different forum. You're actually the one from who I got the link yesterday, and you're not an official. That's non sense. Oh hey now I have 3 messages in the chat room I can't read because I'm not allowed too ... Ok guys, when paying is more punishing than cracking ... you know what happens.
  10. Hi guys, We are a bunch of paying, legal, users of your software, stucked with your "artisan", verification process. First, we're already been "verified", by FFS, when we paid with our credit card, and when we installed the raw REX software. Seriously what's your problem with updates ? It has always been user duty to check version and chose right file and pray to don't screw up his installation, when this whole process can be automated; and now we have to be "verified" on a forum when all other companies use online check-in and selective, "non stand alone" updates. Some user adviced me to get the whole soft again from FSS and find the 20 pages documents on how to remove properly REX before installing the new raw version. Once again, are we serious there ? Your soft is great but can you please be a little more professional ? Cemeteries are filled with good software, bad management, companies. Oh btw, my order is in my signature, so now may i got my update or should I find a workaround to it ?
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