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  1. Back down into the low 20's to high teens. GPU is running at 75%. Memory and CPU are running at perfectly reasonable levels. Clouds are still at lower resolutions as suggested above.
  2. So I closed out of everything, including my browser (had FF running with like 25-30 tabs open), restarted EF and P3D, and FPS returned to pretty much normal - in the upper 20's to 29. So now just slightly lower than it had been running before installing EF. I checked task manager before closing everything and FF had been taking up a ton of memory. I can't imagine that a friggin' browser was the problem given my system specs, but maybe it was. I will continue to monitor, but for now I think I'm back in business. And the visuals on automated mode in the Caribbean (FT St. Maarten) are absolutely stunning. Truly stunning. EF looks like the answer to everything I've been looking for. Thank you!
  3. Yeah, stock 8700k and stock 1080. I fly the A2A Cherokee around the Caribbean, so low-level visuals are sorta my thing. I tell ya, the visuals with EF are just amazing!
  4. Little difference if any. Maybe 1 FPS improvement.
  5. For textures: Low level: 4096 High/Mid: 2048 Runways: 4096 Taxiways: 4096 Texture compression algorithms all 32 bit.
  6. Hi, thanks! No, REX4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds. I tried saving my order nos. in my signature but somehow I am not able to: REX Environment Force Order: JFL759763286B273166 REX4 TD & SC Order: JFL700279FB446B9A11
  7. Hi guys, Absolutely LOVE the visuals, I put it on Automation mode, went to the Caribbean and went flying. Visuals are stunning, truly! But... With an 8700k (stock, no OC), and a 1080, whereas before I had my framerates locked at 30 FPS and got exactly that, with EF I have 14-18 FPS. Same exact settings. I tried turning EVERYTHING, and I do mean everything, down to the very lowest settings, and I get low-40s. With absolutely every single setting in P3D at the lowest possible value. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  8. Cool, yeah, this seemed to solve my problem. Thanks guys.
  9. I can try that. It's actually updating weather that I pre-set (as per above) with real-world weather. I'll try turning the REX engine off and seeing what happens. I'll still get the REX textures, right?
  10. Hey guys, Here's the short story: I select my weather in FSX (the "Current Weather" box). I go in there, set clouds, winds, visibility, etc., then start my flight. Usually when I start it, REX ignores what I put and starts the flight with the real-time weather. Then I go to "World -> weather" in the in-flight menu and re-set the weather the way I want it. Then it's fine. UNTIL 20 or so minutes into the flight when I get the "REX is connected to FSX, REX is gradually loading the weather into FSX," etc., whereupon REX reloads the real-time weather AGAIN, even though I have twice set the weather how I want it. Then I repeat the process and then 20 mins later, REX once again throws out the weather I set and loads the real-time weather. Yesterday, for example, I set a beautiful VFR day into the game for a flight in the Pacific Northwest, where apparently it was raining. So even though I set VFR conditions manually (in the "Current Weather" box in FSX), the flight started with me on the runway in the rain. So I changed it back to my weather, took off, and 20 mins later, REX updates the weather to... RAIN. So I pause the flight, re-set the weather to VFR, and 20 minutes later, I'm on final approach, and REX updates the weather to... RAIN. So I had to (for the THIRD TIME in a 45 minute flight) go in and re-set the weather how I wanted it. How can I get the weather to STAY how I set it? Once my flight starts I don't want REX connecting and changing anything. I love, love, love the textures, but this is driving me nuts. Thanks
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