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  1. hsolano

    Support Verification

    REX Soft Clouds and REX Worldwide Airports HD on FS Pilot Shop Order 933496 REX Essentials + OD on REX store order WNLQEXUZF
  2. hsolano

    MORE INFO NEEDED Upgrade advice

    What I want is a real-time weather engine.
  3. I currently have REX 4 Texture Direct (FSpilotshop Order 559477) I wanted to know my upgrade options. Should I buy soft clouds + weather architect + WX Advantage Weather? Is there an upgrade path/discount for this path or combination thereof? Should I wait for the next product I keep hearing about? What would this new product include from the above (including REX 4 Texture Direct)? Any advice is surely appreciated. Thanks!
  4. hsolano

    Support Verification

    REX Texture Direct Order Number: 559477 through FSPilotshop.com