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  1. Poor bastards. Already my first flight cyyz to cyow amazing program guys
  2. just set up my first theme and loading up p3d v4
  3. me too man woooooo
  4. got mine off of the REX store went through immediately for me.
  5. not me downloading already woooooo
  6. Yup...Better to under promise and over deliver than other way around.
  7. the update: massive unforseen issues with the release and it will be delayed until further notice muahahaaaaa.
  8. This entire thing is a farce. Could you imagine this being a complete prank and the product doesn't even exist HAHA.
  9. I'd rather be in Bali than endure this SH#@
  10. where we all should be? HA!
  11. great football game.. Washington vs Penn State. If you guys are looking to pass time.
  12. you're ludacris Johnny Raincloud. Go back to your cave and let the guys enjoy the hyped release if you don't like. For myself I am getting drunk with friends and wife watching football and checking the forum every now and then... go enjoy whatever it is you do to enjoy life if you don't like what's posted here.