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  1. The issues I had appear to have been resolved, thanks.
  2. Ah, I see what you are referring to now, my apologies. I believed you were inquiring about my settings in REX with regards to the rate of change, not within Prepar3D. Indeed the setting within Prepar3D is set to "none", I never go into the weather settings, I let REX do everything for me. I did test again yesterday after doing the update to version 3.8.2014.1211. I loaded the saved flight at Twentynine Palms. The weather this time loaded correctly and stayed in line with the actual weather reports. I flew to Palm Springs and this time did not get the low rain clouds along the route. Weather was correct all the way. Other than the update, there was nothing else that I had done or changed in my settings. Cheers
  3. Hi Reed, I did a fresh full install. I noticed there was an update to 3.8.2014.1211 but it stated it wasn't needed for installs after after Dec 12, 2014. Since I did a fresh download from FSS on 08/19/2016 I deemed I fell into this category. Since it stated if I already had the updated version the install would fail I tried it. It seemed to take it with no issue so I now have 3.8.2014.1211 installed. I will try that and see if I still have an issue. I have the weather refresh rate at default, every 10 minutes. If I set it to none won't that defeat the purpose of having accurate and current weather, or did I miss something? I would believe setting it to none would imply that the weather loaded will be only reasonably accurate to the point of simulation startup and never change with time. Am I correct? No, I am not using FS Captain. Cheers
  4. I am using Standard weather mode. REX build indicates as 3.8.2014.1126. I did a full re-install of REX back in 08/19/2016 using the installer that I received from my FSS account that I downloaded on 08/19/2016.
  5. I did a flight from KPSP (Palm Springs) to KTNP (Twentynine Palms) on May 13th around 14:00. The departure conditions were sunny with some cloud. To the north there were dark low clouds. En-route to KTNP I entered the low clouds and it was raining right to destination. Today, the 14th I started the flight where I had saved it with real weather enabled. The conditions were still the same, low cloud and raining. The winds were coming from 171° at 13kts. I exited Prepar3D and checked the real weather with the U.S. Weather Service and it was calling for 28°C with clear skies and strong winds from 220°. I started REX Essentials Plus Overdrive and checked using the "Weather" tab and selected "real time weather". Two reports near Twentynine Palms were viewed, one from Palm Springs and the other Twentynine Palms Self (KNXP) a few miles to the north west of KTNP. Both called for much the same thing, a temperature of 28°C clear skies and sunny and winds from around the SW. Both METAR's and TAF's had no indication of rain. Both reports within REX Essentials matched the info from the U.S. Weather Service reports. Loading Prepar3D the conditions were sunny with clear skies at KTNP. After a few minutes though the conditions returned to low cloud and raining conditions with the wrong winds. I flew to KNXP about 13NM to the NW. Along the way, the cloud started to clear and I had blue skies with scattered clouds, but the wind was still from 152° rather than 220°. I'm not sure what to make of it. The reports withing REX weather were correct, but in Prepar3D were not correct. I reset the settings within REX but it made no difference. I used the Restore function as well but again no change. Cheers Thad
  6. Don't feel bad, I just spent 30 minutes cursing and swearing as to why my P3D activation was not working. I had a guest over and was trying to get my flight sim up and running with REX to no avail. I almost threw my keyboard at the monitor. I gave up and cooled down and loaded Prepar3D without it. I just received the email about the server outage after 4PM MDT so you're not alone... Cheers, Thad
  7. I have tried everything that I can think as possible, but still can not get REX Essentials Plus SP3 to install. I have ensured I am running as administrator and have run multiple diagnostics across my system indicating no errors. The installation always stops and then rolls back when it gets to the end of the "copying files" status. I've included the errors that are in the Event Log of Windows. Cheers, Thad Error Message.rtf Error Message 2.rtf
  8. Everything (13 icons) reverted back to showing in under the Control Panel-> Program list, after I thought I had removed 12 of them, as they did not show after running CCleaner, but they appear to have come back. I ran the Microsoft's Fix program and was able to successfully uninstall all the icons including the "Real Environment Xtreme Essential" offender. However, After downloading both new REX Extreme Plus and REX 4 Texture Direct Plus Soft Clouds files from my FSS account, I tried to install the REX Extreme Plus. It proceeds to the part where it is copying and updating files but then stops and rolls back the installer. A message indicates a error occurred, but not what error. A second attempt resulted in the same thing. I tried running the Texture Direct installer and it too aborted and rolled back part way through the installation. I am currently unable to get either program installed now as the installers roll back part way through the process. Cheer, Thad
  9. Was waiting and checking for a response for the previous week but hadn't seen one, so I stopped checking in daily. The issue has not been resolved. I still have not installed a clean REX version until I can remove this final file. An email has been sent. Cheers, Thad
  10. Hi Tim, Thanks I downloaded it and was able to get rid of all the icons except one. I'm still unable to remove "Real Environment Xtreme Essential". I'm unable to delete it as it says it can not delete an .msi file. When I try to uninstall or repair it, it errors saying it can not find "rexess_20120522.msi" and can not continue and it aborts the process. Since this is a old version of your software I no longer have the installer to try to repair it to place the file so I can remove it. I'm stuck on this one. Cheers, Thad
  11. Well now it appears I have a bigger mess than I anticipated. I've tried removing REX Essentials Plus Overdrive through the Control Panel program uninstaller and it is unable to be uninstalled. I decided to remove all the REX weather products from REX Real Environment Extreme Essential, REX Essentials Plus Overdrive, REX 4 Texture Direct, REX Soft Clouds and all their associated Service Packs and Hotfixes. None of them will properly uninstall and and REX Real Environment Extreme Essential puts out an error message when trying to remove it. It looks like the whole mess has been created with all the upgrades and merges over the years. I manually have deleted the folders where I could find them, even searched through the registry to locate and delete entries but to no avail. I simply cannot remove the 13 icons from the uninstall feature of Programs and Features. I have run a registry cleaner to try to help and have restarted the computer but nothing has worked. I need help with this. Cheers, Thad
  12. Hi Reed, My current REX build is 3.8.2014.1211. It was an upgrade from previously installed versions. I haven't tried removing it and re-installing again. I am currently re-downloading REXEssentialPlusSP3.zip now from the Flightsim Store right now to try a fresh install. I assume this is the most current version available to download from my FSS account. Cheers, Thad
  13. I switched REX over to Standard Mode and have continued testing. I was beginning to believe the issue was possibly resolved, but today after loading Prepar3D the .NET error came up again with REX as the source. I can confirm the problem has not been solved. Cheers, Thad
  14. I have run P3D without REX running and there is no .NET error message within the simulator or in the Windows Event logs when P3D stops working. I am using the WXPLUS mode in REX. Cheers, Thad
  15. Hi Galen, I have included the screenshot of the General page of the Configuration Manager inside REX. The ErrorLog folder located within REX is empty. Cheers, Thad
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