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  1. Your e mail was being blocked. I put you on my "safe" e mail list and finally got your e mail. Now I am still waiting for a solution. But, we are getting there. Thanks
  2. The e mail address that I used is my correct e mail address. I am still checking
  3. Somebody, please help me. I have been trying to download and install Worldwide Airports for over a week and I cannot get anywhere. I have submitted support tickets three times and have heard nothing. Can somebody please help me. All I want to do is use the product that I paid for. It that asking too much? I do understand that the servers have been down. but come on folks. Order #ZAYNFEUGJ
  4. Seems the servers have been down for the last week. I am trying to install the Radar and World Airports and cannot get anywhere. How long does it take to get the servers back up and running? This very bad customer service and very frustrating. I paid my money for a product. Is it too much to ask to be able to use it. Please REX, get your act together. There was no problem with the servers when I was ready to pay for my order.
  5. Thanks folks. Downloaded and installed. It's all good. Thanks JP
  6. How do I download the latest version of REX for FS9. I just reformatted my hard drive. I also will be reinstalling REX for FSX also. Thanks
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