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  1. Hi, From the mgr, it doesn't give you an option. I do have P3Dv4 installed but i'm not able to open or select FSX SE nor P3Dv3 to use.
  2. Trying to download REX 3d and it will reconize my serial number when I select for P3Dv4. It's downloaded with no issue. I do have FSXSE and P3dv3 installed on my pc but inside setting of Sky force, It won't let me click FSXSE nor P3dv3 if i decide to fly with that platform. Is there a fix?
  3. Hey Luis,


                 I'm having the same issues.  Can you tell me what the fix was for NET. Framework Errors?




  4. Thanks for taking the time to get back with me. Your a great help and REX should give you a raise. Thanks again.
  5. Good morning or evening Reed, I received your email. Downloaded REX installer and downloaded 4. We are in. Thank you so much. If I need to down load again, is my download link in my history avail for more downloads now since I maxed out last time? Other than that, we are good to go. Time for new setting.
  6. I just wanted to let you know that I have maxed out on the amount of downloads attempts from REX. I'm still trying to trouble shoot but still will be waiting to hear from you guys.. I will wait with patients. Thanks again..
  7. I tried all 3. web browsers. IE,Chrome and FFox.
  8. Hello, I just purchased rex4 TD from the REX Store. I received the link, and serical number. From my email I clicked on the exe link to save it to my desktop but it won't complete the download. Any reason why this may be hapening or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help. David
  9. I hate to repeat a question that a lot of other people ran into but all the sp1 patches question that are asked in the forum are to email them back and I don't know what the outcome was and how to resolve this issue to try to fix it myself. I have REX Extreme Virsion 1.3.2010.1027 installed and trying to up it to overdrive. Like everyone elses respose, mine says the same thing, Folder can be found. .. REX is installed on my PC C/REX and It starts up and runs fine but I cant go any further. I uninstalled it once to attemp a patch but the same answer with Folder cannot be found. Please help when you can. Many thanks. I'm running Windows 8 64bit. David
  10. Hi Timest99, Just for verification, Here is another shot showing what version I have for FSUIPC. I was hoping with my install again that It may repair the issue but it didn't. I just completed a flight from PHL to Glasgow and it shut down ( closed ) on me over the Atlantic. I needed to restart WX Engine again but I waited until I was close to land. Okay guys, I will not type anymore until I hear back from you. Thank You for your Patience with me... David
  11. Timest999, My FSUIPC is up to date at version. Is this still an active post? Just checking. Sorry if I'm being a PAIN..
  12. No it doesn't. It just gives me the response you see in my previous text photo. Is there a way to uninstall it and maybe try it again?. I don't mind trying that but I would hate to uninstall FS9. Remember that my FS9 is in my F drive and REXFS9 folder in straight into my C drive. Can that have anything to do with the conflict? David
  13. Hey guys, I'm going to show you 3 photos so you may understand more and why. Yes the FSUIPC.DDL is version But when I attempt to download again to make sure I have it into the correct path, I get the response you will see in the photo. Im afraid to uninstall it and run into this problem again. Remember, it's not the registered FSUIPC. REX Version under My About REX is 1.5.2010.1210
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