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  1. Hello Vik! The J41 is certainly worth all its money - and no need to be afraid of the manuals - take Your time and You will see: Once You are into it, it will become certainly most rewarding! I experienced the same with PMDG's wonderful 737 NGX in the beginning. But by now i will never ever want to miss it any more! Sure: The learning-curve was a rather tough one too - but HEY! It is a sim and it was great fun also! So: Enjoy it all! By the way: The B200-link You mentioned here is pointing to the "old" version of Flight1's B200 - But (!): There is a new one to be released from Flight 1 on its way - and this "new and yet to be released version" is the one i was referring to! Just in case You may want to have a look at it also, once it's available then. Happy flying, Christoph P.S.: A great video here Lukas!
  2. Well then Vik - ... get Youreselve the J41 for now and the Dash 8 by Majestic - what about that? I don't think You will be dissapointed! Why? Because although i hope it to be released soon, who can really tell for certain when the Dash 8 will be released exactly ... And indeed - and as pointed out - the Twin Otter is certainly no fast flyer, so i fully understand that it doesn't fit for what You are looking forward to at the moment! Just thought it to be worth mentioned as well! Concerning the Fligh1 B200, well: One last note here from my side concerning it: I would not judge it by how the ATR 72 looks nowadays, simply due to the fact that the F1 ATR is also quite some years old by now - but(!) as far as i know, it was a great add-on back then when it was released - also graphicswise - and still has some nice system-features! So i think You can be quite certain, that Flight1's B200 will most likely become an Add-On certainly worth keeping an eye on: Systems- and graphicwise! Looking forward for what plane You will finally purchase - maybe show some screenies with it here then ! Happy flyings, Christoph
  3. Hi Vik! ... HA! i can fully understand that "ctrl+e kick-start-issue" so to speak ... - i - and i guess all of us here certainly use this "shortcut" from time to time too And i understand Your reasons, why the Duke does not fit for what You are searching for. I do not know anything about samdimdesign so i can't say anything about them. ... but if a Dash-8 might be some option for You, maybe have a look at this one here - not yet released, but on its way! And it will most certainly be a very, very great Dash 8 add-on! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Majestic-Software-Dash-8-Q400/249628718485404 http://www.majesticsoftware.com/c/portal_public/layout?p_l_id=1.2&p_p_id=54 What also came into my mind was - although much slower than the J41 or B200 and also no real "high-flyer" either - but certainly very nicely modelled too and an add-on which i dare to say many simmers (including myself) are eagerly looking forward to - the new Version of the Aerosoft Twin Otter! It is not yet released either, but looks most promising: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/52170-twin-otter-x-extended/ And - before i forget: Flight1 is also developing a Beechcraft King Air B200 - have a look at: http://www.simforums.com/forums/forums.html and scroll down there a bit to the "Flight1 Licensed Product Forums". You will have to sign up to their forums and lock in. As soon as You have done so, You can read through all the threads concerning the B200 there too. I guess that this B200 will offer very nice graphics as well as fine systems, once it will be available! Cheers, Christoph
  4. Hello Vik! ... if You want some really well modelled systems then the J41 is certainly the way to go! If You want to find out a bit what You can expect from it, maybe have a look at the manual (available for free at the PMDG-site via download here: http://www.precision...loads/docs.html ... be advised though: You will receive some 500+ pages PDF files to read into including a 90+ pages PDF, which will introduce You to this fine add-on! Really interesting to dig into it, but sure: It will take time!) Carenado on the other hand certainly offers a lot and is most superb when it comes down to textures - no doubt about that! And as a matter of fact: By keeping in mind that the J41 add-on is also already some years old, Carenado's B200 will certainly outrun the J41 texture-wise... but then again: System-wise the J41 will most likely be the better way to go. You may ask, why i reply here at all although i currently neither have one of these planes in my hangar: Simple answer: I also think about purchasing either way both or one of them! So i am very thankful for the poll You have started here. I just may have it a bit easier to decide because i am very happy with my PMDG 737 for FSX, which is keeping me busy enough and because i am very much looking forward to some adequately modelled P3D add-ons, which Carenado's B200 is. But by the end of the day, i think i will purchase both anyways .- the J41 for FSX and the B200 for P3D Nevertheless - maybe really have a look at the manuals from PMDG mentioned here - if You should not have done so anyways - and maybe someone will post some "compare-screenies" here too, so You can make the best choice for You then! I don't think that Online-Validation is required for the J41, but I cannot tell for sure! Maybe someone else could answer this too? Cheers, Christoph P.S.: I did not vote for one of them here - ... yet! P.P.S.: Have You maybe also considered to take a look at the Real Air Duke? I think this would be under the catagory "other" here in the poll - but i thought it to be an alternative add-on really worth to be mentioned here - "Other" though! It's certainly a bit different type of plane, but certainly offers a great compromise between system-depths and texture-quality. That's why i mentioned it here! ... and for me personally it is one of the greatest twin-engine GA add-on planes in my hangar.
  5. Great to read that it works for You Iain! Enjoy it all and happy flying! Hello Andy! I don't think there is any need to be that pessimistic or so. It will certainly not take until next year to get it all running properly - just a few more days maybe. I mean - and just my 2 cents here - because i also did not manage to download it all yet: I am not really worried! Why should i? Fact is: The REX team has proven to be kind and most helpful and its support was and is always great! ... - sure some answers may need to wait currently due to all the rush, but overall the REX-support here works very, very good! The current situation is far from perfect by now and i am quite sure that all at the REX team are totally aware of that and think so too - and yet: Such a - rather large - amount of data downloaded all at once simply causes some kind of "breakdown", delays and troubles or so, which are hard to be foreseen or predictable in advance. So why not just enjoy the current version of REX-Ess, and re-try all the downloading in a couple of days...- at least this is what i do for now and i am very confident, that all will work noticable better again soon! We are working on getting the fixed files up to you all. Moving around 4.5 gigs is difficult especially since everything is so hammered. We appreciate your patience. +1 indeed: Thank You very much for all the hard work!
  6. This is SUPER AMAZING! WOW! As soon as i have REX+ and OD running I will be heading there when its all available! SUPER! :o Thank You very much for showing these news here! Cheers, Christoph
  7. You can also try to update Your entire Magnetic Variation Data within FSX. That may also help a little bit - at least i assume that this is the case from what i have read at Avsim and other flightsim-related websites concerning this issue... but as i have not tried it out, i can't proof it personally. Nevertheless: If You want to take look at it for Youself: Here is a link to a website where You can find some updates for Magnetic Variations: http://aero.sors.fr/navaids.html For further information i think it's good to also browse - as just mentioned - Avsim or other FS-sites!
  8. Great pictures Dolf! Always so great to see the beauty of the sky and earth from "a bird's view"! Thank You very much for sharing!
  9. +1 for the northern lights!
  10. ... just minutes ago I mentioned here: http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18358-amazing-REX-essential/ that I will wait for the OD package... but now I am not that certain anymore... Okay folks - enough is enough - gonna get me Essentials now as soon as I have some time that is needed for all the install-process. But You just convinced me to no longer wait... Sometimes some things just happen faster than expected or so Anyway: Seems as I'm gonna be Essentialised now far sooner than later!... :D
  11. Great comment here Dana! ... That sounds really promising! I truly enjoy all these many and great screenshots I have seen so far featuring REX Essentials, but I just wait for the "OD-package", before I download and install this geat looking Essentialised version of REX! ... and then - YIPIEEEE! ... back to the skies again!
  12. I really wish You all the best Dolf, that all these issues will now finally be fixed soon altogether and all working well then! Cheers, Christoph
  13. These are real fantastic shots Lukas! I enjoyed all of them very much! Thanks a lot for sharing! In the 7th picture from top though: Are these "black dots" over there birds? Cheers, Christoph
  14. Hi Dolf! Super Great that all is back and working nicely again with Your system! Thats real good news!!!!!!! And concerning tweaks: I am not a big “tweaker”, but I would highly recommend You to simply add the line HIGHMEMFIX=1 at the [GRAPHICS] section of Your fsx.cfg. This little line helps preventing the appearance of “skeleton airplanes” in FSX especially when You fly during dusk or dawn! Since I use this little tweak I never experienced any “disappearing airplanes” in FSX anymore! I do not have any other tweaks in my fsx.cfg, so I can not say something about any others. I also have TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD set to 4096, but while I highly recommend the mentioned “HIGHMEMFIX=1" tweak, rising Your TEX-MAX-LOAD up to 4096 is a personal decision and not a “must have” so to say and at least as far as i have experienced! I use GEX for Europe and the US and Canada - … and honestly said: When there is no other scenery-add on around: I am real quite happy with it! Although this is only my very personal opinion i think GEX noticeable improved the way i am experiencing FSX! But sure: There are lot’s of regional scenery packages available that are certainly better then GEX. But for it's large scale it's really okay! But sure: FTX/ORBX … that's for sure a total different league as we know! I am sure that almost everyone who owns some FTX/ORBX areas is more than convinced about their great and outstanding quality! As far as I remember there have been some great screenshots from Yours around, where You have been flying over some ORBX areas – so I think You like them as well! So to sum it all up: For the US and Canada i can personally say: Although i mainly or even exclusively fly above FTX/ORBX regions there (and Tongass Fjords), i am most happy to at least have GEX US/Canada below me, whenever i leave these areas then - especially in conjunction with UTX then! The same goes out for Europe - especially when keeping in mind that there are no ORBX sceneries available for the EU - ...yet! Hope that helps a little. And for now: Happy flying again Dolf, Christoph
  15. Any news Dolf? Well, hope it is all running fine again - or at least on the way to run fine again soon!