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  1. Hi, Thanks, all installed, and P3D4 water has been restored. So very grateful, best support ever, much appreciated. Fabio
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply. My listed email address remains valid, though it is now an alternate address rather than my primary. I totally get the answer provided, and was as I anticipated. My logic was sound then. Having restored P3D4 files as listed within the backup of my most recent REX TD&SC installation, the water colours appear more turquoise / azure than I recall P3D4 default water colours to have been. Thus, is there another element to restoring original water colours other than by restoring P3D4 default files? Thanks, and thanks also for answering during the holiday period. Best wishes, Fabio
  3. Hi, i posted recently that I had uninstalled REX TD&SC before restoring my P3D4 backups, and that I wished to restore the original default P3D4 water colours. My thinking was this: By reinstalling REX TD&SC and then running the backup routine, I’d find out which textures to restore from my backups. This I did, but whilst the water colours seem to have returned, they are still more “azure” in colour than P3D4 default water colouration. Was my thinking correct, insofar as restoring those files would return my P3D4 to its original water colours, or was my thinking flawed - did I miss something? As always, thank you for your great products and support. Have a Happy Christmas! Thanks, Fabio
  4. Hi, Having installed REX textures (and great they are too), I would now like to restore the original Prepard3D V4 water texture files (I’d like the water to return to P3D4 it’s darker default shades around Rio). Except I can’t because I have cunningly uninstalled REXTD w/SC to free up disk space... Is there a way to figure which files will restore the original textures that I’m after? From a Google search, i believe that this question has been answered before, but I honestly cannot find it, so sorry to ask again. Best wishes, Fabio
  5. Is there a way to disable/remove the small white clouds, or perhaps someone could recommend a cloud/texture set which isn't so greatly affected by this effect? I can live with some if this effect, but the white ones showing through lessen the immersion. Thanks, Fabio
  6. Hi, Thank you, it's easy to become lost with the multitude of builds and versions. I appreciate your help. Fabio
  7. Hi, I keep seeing these small very white clouds in the REXEP created weather that I see. My PC has been rebuilt, and the issue occurred prior to the rebuild, so I'm confident that it's not a system issue. The clouds seem to appear behind the overlaying cloud, but are drawn in front of it (i.e. there's a priority or parallax type issue as I shouldn't be seeing them). In this picture, these clouds are lower than the darker clouds that they're sitting in front of, and the white clouds are moving at a slower pace. You're likely going to need to know what cloud sets I'm using, so please let me know how to get this information to you. Thanks, Fabio
  8. Hi, I upgraded from REX2.0 to REX/REXEP (build 3.1.2012.1028), and I'd like to know whether this is the correct and latest version of the product that I should be using. Thanks, Fabio
  9. Hi, Just a brief comment to say how delighted I am with REXEP, everything works seamlessly, and as advertised. I should also apologise for my impatience; i guess it was frustration making itself heard. REXEP is, for me, well worth the wait. Thanks, Fabio
  10. Your answer (if your statement can be so defined) is hard to accept. As a user and customer, I was looking for something more substantial. There's more to this than meets the eye, and I believe that you are being conservative with the facts. How do I roll back to REX2? Let's start there, shall we? For the record, FS Meteo, OpenClouds, and FSrealWX still manage to inject some pressure settings that are based on reality. REX now falls short, though once it led this field.
  11. I removed my REXE installation, and I reinstalled REX2 as I am very keen to get QNH running again using REX. However, I found that after a full removal of REXE and a good install of REX2 (as admin) that the QNH settings now do not work for FSX using REX2; I then went back to REXE, and still no QNH. What is the file, folder, or registry entry which links REX2 and REXE, as I never previously had an issue with the QNH under REX2? I realise that REXEP is but a short while away, but I need to be in control of my PC system so that I can decide to roll-back to a previous version of software.
  12. Yes, you've already said this. I'd have preferred an answer to my question, and at this stage of Beta testing, I might have expected you to know the answer. VEXED @ REX! Looking forward to REXE Plus, hopefully it'll be an upgrade from REXE Minus.
  13. On first installing REXE, it worked for a while before the QNH and WX feed issues appeared. Subsequent by-the-book REX-approved procedural reinstalls have not, it appears, allowed REXE to once again work as intended as if it were a fresh install, which is what one would expect. Why is this, and other than waiting for Plus, what can be done to get REXE going? What is different between my first REXE install and subsequent ones?
  14. OK, but please release it soon, the wait has been long, and REXE as it stands provides less than REX2 did, which it supposedly replaces. Oh, and please update your (re-) installation sticky!
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