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  1. I also still lose 10-15 FPS and get periodic stutters whenever EF is running when it's cloudy, which has also been said to have been fixed in one of the updates. I like what EF does visually but it does seem like there is still something not working right on certain systems/addon combinations. Note that I keep my flight sim computer as clean as possible and only install essential addons that I use every flight. I'm running a fresh P3D v4.5 installation and it runs just fine without EF. I can't completely rule out that something on my system is causing these issues, but given the cleanliness of my system that I maintain and the fact that other people have reported the same issues, I find it likely that the issues lie with EF somewhere. I'm putting EF aside until the next update.
  2. Excuse the wait. I just fully reinstalled EF and no, it still does not work. I tried experimenting to try to identify what's causing this but I'm still no step further than that it doesn't work with AS running. Also, after running EF it corrupted my sky (brown/greyish) and ground (black) textures again - I thought this had been fixed a long time ago... On a side note, where are the replies gone from the other people having the same issue?
  3. It's been auto-detected from the start by EF. I only applied the update when EF prompted me to update. I'll do a full reinstall when I have time and report back.
  4. I am writing this as a follow up to my previous thread with the same title because it was closed. Sorry for the wait - I had my computer undergo a significant hardware change and it took longer than expected. I noticed I couldn't change cloud textures in manual mode. Cirrus and sky textures would change just fine. I just noticed that it's not working whenever ASP4 is running. Without ASP4 I don't have that issue. Attached is a screenshot of the REXModules folder as requested. The last file which is not in the screenshot is weatheroutput.xml. Thank you
  5. I currently have my PC away for a hardware change. I will report back as soon as I have it back.
  6. Yes, that's the version I use. I remember being able to change the textures manually within EF at some point and it also seemed to change textures in auto mode. But for some reason it doesn't seem to work anymore. I don't think I changed anything.
  7. Hello, I noticed I can't change the cloud textures in manual mode. When I select a set from Texture Direct and subsequently press sync the clouds won't change - nothing happens. They don't seem to swap in auto mode, either. I can swap sky and cirrus clouds textures, though. Running on on the latest version (technical update 1, no beta). Thank you
  8. It seems to be fine now. I was getting the performance drop in manual mode, too. Also, the cirrus cloud option was turned off all along so it wasn't the culprit. What seems to have fixed the issue in the end is wiping EF off my computer and restoring default shaders by reinstalling the P3D client. After that, I downloaded the full EF installer again (newest version containing the update, of course) and installed it. Afterwards I didn't have a drop in performance anymore. I have no idea why reinstalling EF would fix bad performance but it, or something in the process, seems to have ironed things out. I also removed my PTA preset that I only used to tweak the cockpit. As some other people have reported performance issues as well, EF appears to dig deep into the sim, perhaps so deep that it can, for some people in some instances (certain sim/addon setups, no idea) cause severe issues. I also had black ground textures and a gray sky at some point which I fixed by installing the 4.5 client (and afterwards going back to 4.4). Apart from the trouble, it seems to work fine now and I really do like what it transforms my sim into. Looks very natural and realistic without any tweaking required (apart from tuning HDR which seems pretty aggressive).
  9. Hello, to get straight to the point - I lose 16 FPS with EF running. I put myself at KMSY (LVFR) for my first flight with EF after testing for a bit. Using ASP4 for real world weather, there was a thunderstorm above the field. Without EF in the same scenario, I get smooth and steady 30 FPS (with Texture Direct clouds, 1024). With EF running, however, my frame rate drops down to only 14 giving me a slide show. I am running an i7 6700k (4 GHz), 1080ti with P3D v4.4 and reasonable settings. I am also still using PTA together with EF for cockpit lighting enhancement. Nothing other than the VC is tweaked with PTA. Hotfix is installed. Textures within EF are set to 512 and DXT5. Running in automation mode. During testing I found I generally lose FPS even with fewer clouds. Thank you.
  10. Thanks, it solved the problem. I just have a couple questions as to how to use it. Is it possible to specify cloud base altitude and create several cloud layers? How are temperature and QNH determined? Wind direction and visibility seem to be concordant at every airport and waypoint.
  11. Hello, I get an error message every time I try to create weather or create a flight plan. The file in the log folder says REX WEATHER ARCHITECT - PROCESS LOG theme.addTheme() - System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at rexweatherarchitect.functions.theme.addTheme(String strThemeName, String strDeparture, String strLatitude, String strLontitude, String strMapSize) in c:\Users\Reed\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\rexweatherarchitect\rexweatherarchitect\functions\theme.cs:line 96 Also, are you supposed to adjust the main settings upon every start of the programme? If not, the settings won't be saved.
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