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    OK, thank you. I only hope all these separate software would integrate like Texture Direct and Soft Clouds do and eventually become one engine. ermias
  2. Hello, I understand weather architect lets you set different levels of weather in your route and it is also capable of integrating with REX 4 Texture direct and soft clouds which I have. My question is, if it is capable of downloading real time weather as alternate option? Thanks, ermias
  3. I saw that the other day and I still couldn't decide whether to believe it or not. Something is not right. Thanks,
  4. Ummmm, I think there is really nothing wrong with this recording. In fact it is a very good one and probably the camcorder is set with the speed equal to the chopper's rotors. Hope I haven't missed the answer right? Thanks, ermias
  5. What?!! $2,000,000.00. Isn't is easier to buy multiple; good condition Cessnas? If it is a typo, isn't there someone from precision manuals? I love the price!! ermias
  6. Thank you Kees, I realize I didn't make myself clear. What I was thinking was if there would be an option from within REX Essential installation package (or another small software ) to install the flight center in a separate computer. For example I will install the main REX Essential software in the computer where I run FSX and, if it is possible, I would run the flight center on another computer (touch screen) which is connected to the main FSX computer via network switch. Then, I hope, the flight center picks the data from the main REX Essential package through FSUIPC like other flight sim glass cockpit software do. Hope I have made it clear than complicated. In the process of writing this reply I thought about another solution. I have tried an android app called iDisplay to drag aCDU on my nook (running honey comb) color and it works. iDisplay makes it possible for android or ipad or any other tablet to be used as external monitor. I was wondering if that wold be another option and if the REX Essential team can confirm it. I will try to take a picture and post it right here. Here is the link: http://*** Thank you, ermias
  7. Hello, Is REX essential's flight center capable of being accessed in another networked computer? I have a 19" elo touch screen which I use with my home built simulator as lower EICAS. If it is possible, it is going to be great !! I know I have asked about it in the thread where the flight center was announced, but I guess it was overshadowed by the other comments. Thanks, ermias
  8. One more tease before the end! I smell something around the corner ... Thanks, Ermias
  9. MS Flight !? The first and the last time I tried it I felt like I was in a guided bicycle lesson and it ended there. Sad thing is that they brag about this for long only to embarrass themselves. There is nothing appealing to it. Thanks, Ermias
  10. Yes, I just saw that a few minutes ago. Now what? People (some) annoying me claiming that they have just "downloaded MS flight simulator like the one you have for free.". And I would try invain to explain the difference. ermias
  11. The release date for the infamous Microsoft Flight is announced. Go to the news link and check the February update. Thanks, ermias
  12. Thank you very much. Now the quesion is how to fix the display. Best, ermias
  13. Well I was hoping to get answer for my question. It has been more than 24Hrs since the initial post. I presume either my question doen't make sense or it doesn't deserve an answer. I am tired of refreshing the page ...... ermias
  14. Thanks for the reply. I tried it for some time and it works right after REX updates are downloaded. I have been trying to change the freqency of the uupdates. I have posted a question about it in this forem. ermias
  15. Hello, I was trying to set REX WXR update more frequently than it does in my computer. How do I do that? In the process I found that WX Engine Updater scale on the configuration manager page to be labled like this: 60 - 12 - 18 - 24 - 30 NM I presume it should start with 6 right? I would be surprised if this has happened only in my computer. My idea is if I set the scale to "60" supposing it is 6 it will update freqently. Or is there another way? BTW: My version is 2.5 2010.1027 Best, ermias