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  1. So I just tried this in manual mode and it seems to be working correctly again. Frames bouncing between 45-55 with cloudy/TS skies. While still running the sim, I switched back to Auto mode and the frames stayed the same normal rate. Just shutdown the sim, switched EF to Auto mode and started the sim back up. The frames are still back to normal. It seems to be resolved for now. Going to do a flight and see how it goes. I'll keep you updated. Thanks!
  2. I'm using ASP4 on a secondary PC and using EF in auto mode. Again, nothing on my end has changed either other than applying this new update. Did just the update initially then uninstalled and re-installed the full updated package. No difference. I tested all sorts of modes yesterday. Manual, Auto & without EF installed. Auto definitely had the problem. I switched to manual while the sim was running and still an issue. Removed EF completely, issue resolved when ASP4 connects. I had no problems with EF v1.1x. The degradation in performance is similar to using the highest resolution of clouds when I did change the res down to DXT5 @1024 for all cloud layers. That's what it feels like. When I shutdown ASP4, the fps shoots right back up to +60fps with EF still running.
  3. Greetings, Since upgrading to v2.0 my frames have been cut in half. Use to get 45-60 with 1.1 now I'm down to 15-25 with v2.0. Something is messed up and I want to go back to the previous version but I need the full installer to download. Can someone let me know where I can get it? Thanks, Todd.
  4. Receiving the following error when trying to install and it won't go any further. Installing on a secondary PC where the rest of my weather and third party flight sim apps are located. Ideas? Thanks, Todd.
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