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  1. @timest999 @fs1 Not that I am aware of? My email is on my profile. How strange no? I am unable to send PMs as well... what could it be? Thanks!
  2. Hi Federico, @fs1 I am trying to PM you reference the HDR Bloom Issue. I have PTA with RD v1.8 preset and the high intensity bloom issue. Can you please contact me ? Thanks! Gio
  3. Good Morning, I hope you are all well. Congrats on releasing the Tech Update so quickly. Just a quick question... can I assume that EF is OFF and not changing anything in the sim, while the program is OFF on windows? The reason I am asking this is because I am in the middle of testing things and finding a right balance. Thanks. Gio
  4. Yes I did... kind of helps. Still need to understand a little more about the program! Let's see after the hotfix is out so that we can reassess!
  5. Yes Please! It looks awesome! Can you talk us through which presets, settings and EF settings you are using? Thanks!
  6. Hi Guys, how are you? I was wondering if anybody that is using the PTA RD Preset has found some optimal settings to reduce how bright the scene looks in general? I am in Automation Mode, and have reduced the Bloom Blur Sigma and the exposure key... but it still is quite bright to my taste... Thanks! EDIT: So far I have brought both values to the minimum.
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