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  1. I have now tested most possible scenarios and followed the steps you suggested. As a result, I am pleased to report that I can state that Wx Advantage radar is not the culprit. It seems that it was just a freak combination of circumstances that caused this dramatic drop. (AI level and scenery). You can now close this. Thanks for the help.
  2. I will check all this in the next few days and report back.
  3. I have had WX radar for some time but not used it regularly. After updating to P3D4.5 +HF and updating WX advantage to match, I now have the weird situation where as soon as I open the Radar my FPS drop by about 50%. (Locked at 30 fps, goes down from 28-29 to 12-14.) If I close the application, it stays at 12-14 and does not return until P3D is closed and the PC rebooted. I do not remember this happening before, but cannot say definitively that it didn't. Any ideas why this is happening or how it can be fixed? (I have tried removing and re-installing). Ian Harrison
  4. IanH

    CLOSED Big Mess

    I loaded my REX/SC combo program and received a notice to update. I downloaded the update and tried to install it and now I just have Soft Clouds enhanced version only working. It started with the original REX clouds and has been incremented with each release but now contains so much junk. I would like to wipe the folder clean and re-download a complete up to date version. Is that possible? Ian Harrison
  5. Thanks, the update link has fixed the problem, without the need to reload everything.
  6. My version of REX 4 is 2014.814. When I accessed it yesterday , it said I needed to update, which I did. I have since done the update twice and each time when I start the program it says that I need to update to 2014.1210. It is doing something but nothing is changing on the surface. Order Number: FSS0255924 REX - REX 4 | Texture Direct HD
  7. That makes it quite clear. Thanks. I had got it almost right! (PS Signature updated).
  8. What is the best way to use REX4 with the Real weather setting in REX weather engine? It seems a bit pointless to have to look up weather on your route and load in appropriate themes each time. (I only fly Passenger Jets). Do we have to wait for REX4 weather engine or is there a way at the present time?
  9. Having at last been able to access the Instructions, thanks to another post here, my questions have been answered. Still not completely convinced it is worth it though (for FSX).
  10. Sorry. REX to go into FSBuild. But preferably for REX to be able to send its plans to PMDG 737NG, which is what FSBuild does, (complete with the weather).
  11. Unfortunately, no you can't. FSBuild has no import facility. That is the problem. You can export but not to REX.
  12. Is there a way to export REX flight plans to FSBuild? It seems a pity that all that work in creating the plan and weather cannot be used.
  13. Solved. As another poster has found, if you delete the offending file, the update installs and creates a new one.
  14. I downloaded the new SP1 update as instructed and tried to install to my REX folder. It will not go past the opening installation screen without giving the error " Real Environment Extreme\ Images\Thumbs.db unknown version". I have 3.5.20121029 installed and have downloaded the correct update. What is going on and what is the answer?
  15. I hate to admit it but the problem was my fault. I am too embarrassed to say what I did but all is now fine.
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