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  1. Hello, Sorry to jump in into this post, but i had the same problem. I followed the steps above and although the first link said that my P3D was reactivated, I restored the configuration and P3D access is shows as no activated. My user is Masneoquil Thanks
  2. mmm Sorry, I see on the forum that this post has the answered status, but it is not. I'm still having the problem. I'm lost, I checked the config manager and the Enable Weather Engines was disabled. I enabled it, and it start downloading weather. Now... I don't remember if I change this, or it was always like that and something changed with the last update. The is... is working again!!! Thanks... now is answered.
  3. I will try it as soon as I get home. I just wanted to let you know that the problem is when I run REX, and not when I'm inside FSX. I don't use the Weather engine. What I do, is load a flight plan then install weather influenced textures. But because REX is not downloading the real time weather at start up the flight plan shows with empty data in all the waypoints, and there is no point to install the textures if it didn't download any data. Thanks!!
  4. Yes, it was activated. I also tried deactivating it, closing, opening activating it again, closing and open it again, and it didn't worked also.
  5. Hello Tim, The product version is 3.7.2013.0715 I just tried several aiports: SAEZ, KJFK, EDDF, LOWW, and in all of them the nearby weather station dialog shows empty. If I click Reload WX nothing happens and if I try to search for weather is the same. Thanks!
  6. Hello, Since I used the Autoupdater, every time I start REX it won't download any weather, even if click the refresh button. If I go to see the weather for any Airport, the information appears blank, and if I import a flight plan all the waypoints appears without information. I didn't tried a reinstall cause I will have to apply the autoupdater again, and I don't know if that will be the solution. Thanks!!
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