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  1. ROMAN78

    Update News?

    Hey again guys, Any updates for us since is Monday? Take care!! ROMAN78
  2. ROMAN78

    Update News?

    Honestly... already use to it.... I was just going off what I was told a few days ok... I'm be fine regardless. Thanks however!! ROMAN78
  3. Hey guys, Just wondering how the beta testing of REXE+ is coming along. Thanks in advance!! ROMAN78
  4. ROMAN78

    REX-E potential

    REX-E continues to amaze me.. Each flight I flown I've been amaze with the depiction of clouds, and sky colors. Like most the more I use REX-E the better and more comfortable I am with it. I don't even like using a another weather engine... as the way REX-E depicts the weather is like nothing I've ever seen. I have a few gripes... most are already/if not already being worked on by the team with SP1. For me , what would make my day.... actually being able to have weather/winds over on Transatlantic/transpacific flights. Maybe something like being able create psuedo stations along a route or having a way to forecast winds over the ocean. REX-E has so much potential. With the anticipation of the upcoming SP1, and other products the team is working on, the possibilities are exciting. Keep up the good work guys!!! A customer and supporter, ROMAN78
  5. Are you for real? The life of Reservist may/maynot be as demanding as people think. Take it from someone that's currently on Air Force Active Duty. Good Luck on your future endeavors. ROMAN78
  6. ROMAN78

    Full overcast!

    You guys finally did it. I was able to achieve full overcast flying over TS Beryl for as far as I could see!!! Wow!!!!
  7. ROMAN78

    How to Uninstall REX+Overdrive for Essentials?

    I'm happy you came to clear this up. I know I was told something like that on Skype. Looking Forward to the release. I'm going to have a eventful Sunday evening (I'm on USA MDT)
  8. ROMAN78

    How to Uninstall REX+Overdrive for Essentials?

    Got that from the developers mouth himself..... however It could change
  9. ROMAN78

    How to Uninstall REX+Overdrive for Essentials?

    Honestly, It would matter... You'll be given a new installer so a fresh REX essential install is possible. Just uninstall Completely!!
  10. Read the manual and REX Esssential seem like its "The truth" My only question is how does it compare... as far as being user friendly to HIFISIM ASE since that's what I'm using? Seems easy enough but wondering. Thanks!!! ROMAN78
  11. ROMAN78

    Support Verification

    Sounds great!!! Love you product. Just wondering how I can add my order number to my profile? ROMAN78