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  1. hello again. fs2004 version of REX program is installed and running fine with the service packs and overdrive installed. installed with no problems, thanks for the help, topic can be closed as problem is resolved. many thanks for the help steven
  2. Ok theres a different install program then for fs2004 ? or is the same one I downloaded from Flightsim Store ?
  3. Good Morning. I have REX and overdrive installed very nicely on my pc for fsx, I have absolutly no problems with it whatsoever. A happy customer. Tomorrow Im going to install FS9 on the same desktop and want to install REX and overdrive for fs2004 Sorry If its been covered before, but can you advise how to have overdrive for fsx as well as fs9 on same pc. I dont want to loose my lovely FSX clouds and sky!!!! As instructed in the PDF my fsx version is installed on C:\REX-fsx I only use REX for clouds, I use ASE for weather engine. Many thanks and kind regards Steven The FlightSim Store -------------------- Order Number: 99716
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