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  1. Essential is the best thing that has happened to flight sim since Vatsim! But if you do not install it like the instructions say, you will not see what everyone is talking about. Remember, half the fun is building the system and watching your efforts work! Take your time...Watch the build numbers and install each correctly. It will amaze you when you get it right! A thunderstorm last night rocked my NGX and lightning flashed so close at times I had to tighten my seat belt! By the way, I did not use the 86 file path to install REX2 to start. I used C:REX-FSX as the location. (you have to creat this path) I just installed all the builds in that file. Remember, after downloading, install each bulid in the REX-FSX location. If you don't, you will just get a message saying can't find it, and to re-install. And there are a couple of files to rename...easy move... Once you install all the correct builds.....look out!!! You will see something you never would have believed!! Once you get it right, you will also be ready for Essential Overdive....I am not sure how you can make essentials any better, but it sounds like it will be. Get the instructions starting with REX2 install and follow the INSTRUCTIONS! I know, when all else fails, read the instructions. Above is just my overview, and I hate to give process that you may have problems with, but it is only suggestion and you are the captain. If you follow the instructions and take you time,,,,you will get it. Well, thats my 2 cents!!!!! Good luck!
  2. Need to be verified? Thanks, Jim FSX REX order #FSS0084584
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