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  1. Well timest999 thats me good to go ! A BIG THX for all your help and patience, everything seems to fine, still wondering about snowfall textures though because I did'nt get any ? when there was a snow storm going on outside ? Have a nice weekend THX
  2. timest999 are you out there ? you quoted " Please let me know when you have it downloaded and installed."
  3. version build:3.2.2013.0415, is that good or bad lol !
  4. Yeah up and running REX Essential PLUS ( build 3.2.2013.045) ! will I now go for the overdrive ? only one small query though, up in EFRO where I am there was a major snow fall today, but when I set FSX up for the right time and date there was no snow fall ? Edit:Real time weather+WX textures on, no snow fall
  5. THX for the quick answer timest99 ! sent those aussies a message, but damn its 5:20 in the morning down there! new day tomorrow !
  6. Finished downloading, but there's only 7 cab files, but no setup.exe ?
  7. Downloading now, German server not working, UK server slow slow, now downloading from Cloud Server (50% done) ! let you know tomorrow how it goes THX !
  8. THX for the help, so after uninstalling the old REX2 I'll get REX Essential PLUS with Overdrive ? Still afraid of this happening though "NET framework/jitdebugging" how can I find my old posts ? THX for your patience with an old codger like me !
  9. When I installed Rex2 for the very first time I had some kind of .NET framework/jitdebugging problem, " If I remember right " I think I received some good advice on this forum, but now I can't find the posts. I'm a little bit apprehensive about a new full install in case I get the same problem, my profile says I have 18 posts ? Forgive me again for being such a pain / idiot, but is this what you say i should get: REX-006 REX - REX Essential PLUS w/OverDrive 0.00 AUD$48.45 But it says AUD48.45, how do I get to download for free as you said ! I apologise
  10. Meaning ? I have to buy it all over again to update ! sorry for the confusion
  11. Hello fellow flyers ! I hav'nt been on the sim for about 11/2 yrs and I'm way behind in updates etc etc, now I've got the yoke between my legs again, I was wondering could you guys tell what updates in the right order I should get to bring my REX2 up to date I have file version:2.0.2010.0611 THX in advance, hoping for a reply
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