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  1. By "separate display instances" do you mean operating independently in a functional sense or simply multiple instances within a single panel config file (as that is what I'm getting at). I think that is what you mean when you say "you can duplicate the displays as many times as you like". Again, I just want to have one instance placed on the panel in the VC, one instance as a pop-up, and one instance on a 2D panel, be it on the main panel or a co-pilot panel for example, and have them all work in the same way so when I press a button or twist a knob on one unit, the same thing is automatically occurring to the others at the same time. And there's really no need to ever view all three of these at the same time concurrently, nor should each one function independently of the others, aside from just being a duplicate entry. At most I think people will only want this in both the VC and as a pop-up but I took it a step further with also wanting an instance on a 2D panel. So, I just want to use one gauge, same function, in three different places just like you commonly would with other gauges within a panel set. For example lets say this was a radio on the 2D panel which I turn on. If I open the pop-up with the same radio or switch to the VC, the radio would then also be on because it's the exact same gauge and therefore functions the same in a mirrored fashion even though its been assigned and or duplicated under a different window. From the last post by ThomasAH it sounds like this is a no go and only an either / or but not both situation which is a shame. SO... Is this actually the case? Is this possible at all? And if it's not are you, or rather will you guys please make it so in another update!?
  2. Hi folks, I am more of an advanced user when it comes to using payware gauges like this, mainly with custom crafted 2D panel sets for cockpit building. I want to have at least three instances of the weather radar within a single panel config file to allow for many possible user variations so that myself and others, depending on how many monitors are in use, can make the best overall use of the panel set. For example, this would be for a full screen IFR panel with the radar as a separate pop-up window for toggling on / off, second is a co-pilot panel which will have a full radio stack and the radar placed on the panel next to the stack, and lastly the radar hard mounted in the Virtual Cockpit on the co-pilot side so that it reflects the same install visually as the 2D copilot panel. I already have a comprehensive 2D panel config ready to go and will be sharing it for free once completed, but I just need to know the specific required details and code entry for each instance the gauge is used as it may be slightly different than I'm accustomed to. For example with Mindstar gauges each has a .ini file as well each instance of the gauge within a single panel config file is ordered / listed numerically and each instance also has to share the numerical ident= attributes for whichever [windowxx] it is placed on. I'm not guessing the weather radar will be quite that complex but I figured it might be very similar. Unfortunately this key information is not included in the user manual, only the information on using the auto-installation utility which is more likely only used for installing a single a pop-up and or only the VC install so I could not find where anyone has posted or answered this specific question on in-depth use with multiple gauge instances within a single panel config. Thanks for the help. I look forward to using this and in turn hope to help other people as well. Jeff.
  3. I was or am having the same issue. I installed the Update 3 build today (7-22-2016) and will report back in a few days as I am trying to find information on how to install a few instances of the gauge within various windows of a panel config file. I use 2D panels and like to design them with various options such as a full screen IFR panel with a pop up window, as well a co-pilot panel with the gauge mounted on the bitmap next to the radio stack, and also it hard mounted in the virtual cockpit. So ..at least three if not possibly four instances of the gauge within a single configuration file. Unfortunately the user manual provided with the installation does not provide any of this data for advanced users. Upon initial tests I could see the gauge but it will not power on so the radar screen itself remains black (but the gauge is visible). Hopefully with some more poking around in the forum I'll get this resolved quickly. Again, it would've been really great to include this basic config data in the manual, with maybe a link to added information in the forum if needed.
  4. Ok..so now where do I go to actually download Overdrive for FS9? I just went here..to the main forum page that says REX OVERDRIVE FOR FS2004 http://realenvironmentxtreme.com/forum/index.php?board=38.0 ...and couldn't find the link anywhere there. Do I need to access it from the home / actual product page? I don't know if I'm just an idiot but finding what you need in here always seems to be very difficult and often requires hand feeding from staff or other members which is fine if that's how you want it to be but if alot of folks encounter the same exact issues I'd think that the forums would just be chock full of threads just like this which really just makes things even more confusing when you have to sift through them because you always get led in a hundred different directions. I absolutely love your products but I find that all forums when bled out contain ~5% of actual answers and 95% commentary that really need not exist. Again, just my observation and opinion.
  5. Ahhh ok..sorry for getting so frustrated Tim, I was up late last night and was starting to pull my hair out. I had followed the rabbit hole a few times in the FS9 forums and it came up empty and one thread actually points to the FSX upgrades and not the FS9 ones so that thread should just be removed altogether. I was going in circles. I will uninstall REX for FS9 today and re-download it from The FlightSim Store. Thank you for uploading the current version with the patches installed so that we don't have to jump through as many hoops. I look forward to flying in Overdrive!
  6. If it helps my order number is #FSS0119547 from The FlightSim Store purchased Wednesday July 6 2011. I've been so busy with real flying that I haven't had time to install this until now and I've been going in circles on this for close to an hour now. If I've come off as disgruntled its because I am. I'm sorry but that's the reality of it. I'm one that would rather get quick results instead of reading through all the head scratching in a forum with many other people who are chasing the same wagon. It shouldn't take 45 mintues to find a simple product update only to have to give up and hope someone will eventually help you. It wastes my time and it wastes your time.. Time is short. I urge you guys to make a support sticky at the very top of the FS 2004 REX forum page with a giant labia that says : REX FOR FS2004 PATCHES -- UPDATES -- UPGRADE DATA.
  7. Ok..I installed REX for FS2004 and now I would like to install the Overdrive pack. I have now spent well over 17 minutes scanning over 57 threads trying to find the information and location of the available patches and links to said patches. Am I just crazy or shouldn't items like this just be found easily from a single dropdown menu on a website homepage labeled as SUPPORT rather than force a paying customer to fumble through a forum and endless threads only to have to write a paragragh asking for a directional steer? Rediculous. What do I need and where is it? PLEASE. My original install build number is 1.0.2009.1201 and I already went to the thread that linked here : http://realenvironmentxtreme.com/forum/index.php?board=25.0 1201 is not listed nor does any listing specify for FS2004 so I wouldn't even know where to begin... again, rediculous. If you guys are going to just have links posted within forum threads (single, multiple, or otherwise) then please do your customers the favor of making it much more apparent and more easily accessible so that they don't waste an evening trying to sort it out. Just my two cents and 25 minutes worth.
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