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  1. suddenly, REX w/ od asks me to purchase a p3d activation again, whithout giving me the opprtunity of entering one more time the autorisation that i have already paid. thanks for your help, regards from France.
  2. please help, I cant find the link anywhere to upgrade.

    The newest version of Latitude is 1.3.0. Functionality may be degraded with version 1.1.2. Please update your copy.

  3. Merci beaucoup REX team for this excellent product : oh la la la c'est magnifique ! regards from France
  4. Sometimes french people are strange, i did it again and now everithing is under control.. Sorry for the time you loose for me thank you again, best regards from Paris, France
  5. i reinstall pointing manually the REX ess folder... same problem, no preview. Thanks for helping...
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