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  1. @rstough @timest999 I would like to know if you are working in WF or in another technical update for SF?. Regards.
  2. I know we have been waiting so long, but believe me with the release of technical update 2.1 - 2.2 we will have a more stable program. Regards.
  3. Hi. Verification for REX GAME STUDIOS - REX 5 - ENVIRONMENT FORCE SimMarket. Order Date: 2019-05-01 01:20:32 Order No: 2037284 Regards.
  4. Hi, @rstough just two question: Is EF compatible with prepard3d v4.3? Because the manual shows v4.4 and v4.5. When EF is released, Should i set the same time in weather automation control in EF and weather injection in SF. Example: Weather automation control: 5 min Weather injection: 5 min Which is the recommendation? Regards.
  5. @rstough for this new testing will we have to fill out a new form?. Regards
  6. Hi @rstough Could you give us an estimated time for the launch.
  7. Hi guys, how more phases do you have before the launch?
  8. Same comment as Vesku 63 I am start feeling tired.
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