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  1. Hi guys, how more phases do you have before the launch?
  2. Same comment as Vesku 63 I am start feeling tired.
  3. You can call us what ever you want. The reality here is like nine months ago Sky Force was released and continues without working correctly. This should not happen regardless of the type of business. In the oil and gas sector imagine that a customer claims you for a rusty pipe and you will respond something like that: The Line pipe works it is only a little rusty. Nobody is doing a favor to anyone, Someone is selling a product and someone is buying it. You must have the maturity to respect the specifications of what you are selling, the customer will not matter to know why you could not reach or develop it correctly. I still can not understand why sky force was launched knowing that it would had so many errors and that it would need other applications to work. From my point of view it was sold to be able to obtain a source of money ahead of time, in other words the customer was cheated. Regards.
  4. I know guys that you are working in Environment Force but i think most of the user they are still having problems with Sky force. I think you should focus in WeatherForce and technical updates for SkyForce, otherwise when you release Enviroment Force we will continue with most of the following problems: 1.- Environmental Desynchronization. 2.- Visibility above 30000FT. 3.- Just One Weather Engine Injection. 4.- No Smooth Transitions During Weather Updates 5.- Still Problem with HDD Writting. 6.- Clouds bad pixelated. 7.- Heavy hitting FPS texture at Dawn and Dust. Regards.
  5. Still waiting for the technical update 2.1 for insider program !!!!!
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