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  1. Hi, I had the same issue. Going around to different forums I have solved the issue reducing in P3D.cfg the side of shadow textures. After that I moved from an average of 17FPS I was getting with covered sky to more than 30FPS also in overcast condition. Hope this can run also for you. KR Joe
  2. Hi, uninstalling and reinstalling EF, uninstalling and installing Sky Force in the version without technical updates 2.1 and 2.2 the problem disappeared and PMD is loaded, but........ ..... having P3D 'suspended' on the black screen and being forced to close it with the task manager must have corrupted something: PMDG737 is loaded, but I'm no more able to use it (graphics on the panels messed, aircraft initialization not executed, nothing running in term of gauges and commands, even if in dark cold mode engines are on). Also reinstalling PMDG did not solve the issue. I think that I will have to fully reinstall P3D: never done in years of FSX and P3D usage, second time in one month since I got EF. Something must be wrong here!
  3. HI, some issue here: black screen with PMDG 737NGX. Bebug is off.. only way to run P3D is to start with F22 and then switch to PMDG, but at that point with half FPS than before.
  4. That was happening also to me (never understood the reason), but after a full P3D reinstallation I was back to normal. By the way on your picture I do not see the EF mini GUI: may be somethning wrong with EF reinstall?
  5. Same here.. to have screen back to normal I have to switch HDR ON
  6. Hi, Environment Force MUST be installed on teh same PC where P3D is
  7. Hi, I was thinking exactly like you at the beginning. I have solved installing SkyForce on the same PC of P3D and EF even if on different drives: considering how EF interacts with SF I think that this should be anyway the best solution also in term of performances considering how EF should dinamically load different textures at the change of the weather.
  8. Thanks a lot for your support... by the way, even if I faced strange behaviours just after the installation, you did really a great job: looks in my sim were never so amazing and good.
  9. Hi, is there a way to have the mini already minimized starting P3D? When i start P3D I have it always visible on the top left screen and I have to minimize it everytime. I would have it already minimized t sim startup. Thanks and KR
  10. Hi, Initially I had the same issue.. you MUST install EF on the same PC where P3D is installed: it will be located in a folder inside P3D (\REXModules).
  11. Hi, sorry... for point 9: EF was installed in the same dir of P3D in folder REXModule
  12. Hi, below the requested info: 1. Windows 7 Professional 2. NVidia 980 3.16 GB 4. 70 GB Free free on SSD hosting P3D - 71 GB free on SSD hosting EF and Sky Force 5. SpyHunter (Disabled) 6. Win Firewall (Disabled) 7. P3D 4.5 8:E:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar 3D v4 9. D:\REX Sky Force 3D for Prepar3D v4 - D:\Program Files\Environment Force (now uninstalled) - Active Sky on networked PC 10. UAC Disabled
  13. With restore I mean that I'm able to show it
  14. Hi, unfortunately I cannot provide any picture because to solve at the end I reinstalled P3D. To be precise with EF I was able to connect to AS but as soon the scenery and aircraft were loaded and the sim was ready for WX injection P3D was always crashing. Same effect when I tried to use SkyForce as WX engine: always same P3D crash. Not running AS and SkyForce engine I had no crash, but the sky was dark and grey and most of the terrain was black like in the picture of post called Black Screen. That unfortunately was still happening when I uninstalled EF and that is why I fully reinstalled P3D After the full P3D reinstall and without EF no more problem with AS and SkyForce: the weather is correctly injected without crash. Could be that in some cases the shaders or HDR are left corrupted? Before the installation of EF I never experienced crash with WX engines.
  15. Almost same issue here.. in addition suddendly I was no more able to connect AS. Had to reinstall P3D to come back to normal.. for the moment I will not reinstall EF until some is more clear about this
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