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  1. When on the above mode all of the different elements are stating "waiting" instead of running, any ideas why?
  2. So here is my workaround based on using multiple monitors. I have created my 3 monitors as 1 screen using the NVIDIA control panel to implement the PhysX utility. The 3 screens become 1 and everything works fine, interestingly i have better frames using this approach rather tha dragging across all 3 monitors. Hope that all makes sense
  3. Hope so as i use 3 monitors, i am sure they will sort out just need to have some patience
  4. Ok so i statrted EF first and then started Prepr3d on my primary monitor and as you say everything worked fine. I do however have a problem with the UI as when i moved Prepr3D away from my primary monitor and across to the 3 screens that i use the UI disapperared even turning off auto fill and when i move back to primary it still doesnt appear. Just another question when you start up in the primary and move across does it still work? I am not fussed with the UI being visible as i intend to let EF manage the sim
  5. I have switched HDR off and the sim comes to life but as you will see from the attached the scenery clearly looks wrong
  6. I am in the same boat totally black screen with just the noise of the sim.
  7. I have just purchased the above product howver when i start the software and then start Prepr3d v4.4 i just get a black screen however i can hear all the sounds. At first i thought it was reloading the shaders but clearly that is not the case. I am running timato shade and have heard a few things about some complications running the 2 together however i rerally would appreciate some help on this if possible Regards Marshall
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