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  1. Sorry about that omission. Will correct next post. Thanks you for your reply which answers up my question.
  2. I am running Environment Force and during a live weather flight with heavy rain, I noticed the runways were dry. My settings in REX 4 Texture Direct has surface refraction is enabled. Don't know if this has an effect or not but how do I get realistically wet runways again? Thanks for your help Dennis
  3. Couldn't get my REX WX advantage radar working in my Milviz aircraft so I contacted Milviz and was informed that they do not support P3DV4.1. The blank Bendix King panel is there in the 310 and DH2 but does not turn on. Does this mean I cannot use the add on in any other aircraft as well unless I upgrade to version 4.4?
  4. All is well. Finally got REX downloader to accept input data and install completed.
  5. Tried to download Weather Radar but get an error message saying Unhandled Exception with a big red circle and an X in the middle. Followed all installation instructions to the letter but cannot install.
  6. Am still more or less experimenting trying to get most realistic looking seas. Used to get best results using"Sparkling" on an older version of REX but it is not longer available. I never did get the actual historical representation of the water/winds of that day but am moving on and will try different situations and weather scenarios. I have always been as big fan of REX and will continue to be.
  7. Hi: Used Active Sky 2016 (Historical setting). Proper conditions (rain, clouds etc) for date were fine for all but water. Dennis
  8. HI: As mentioned in my original post above, " The shot below was taken March 31st at Meigs Field with 40 mph winds blowing, using set #7 Clashing Waves". That day, there were twenty foot high breakers coming in against the retaining wall on North Ave beach in Chicago.. Would have thought that would have at least given me some whitecaps in P3DV4. Dennis
  9. Hi: Thanks for getting back to me. My settings in P3DV4.1 water detail it set to "high" and Bathymetry is unchecked. Look forward to hearing from you and thanks again. Dennis
  10. Hi: Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry for the delay in replying but away for weekend. The wave animations I have been using are 01 Whitecaps, 03 Cinematic, 07 Clashing Waves and 13 Large. Not much difference between them. The shot below was taken March 31st at Meigs Field with 40 mph winds blowing using set #7 Clashing Waves. Looks pretty calm tp me. I'm open to any suggestions and would appreciate your guidance., Regards, Dennis
  11. I am using REX Texture Direct and regardless of what wave animation I install I can't seem to get really rough seas regardless of altitude. I have an excellent high end system and all my scenery is just fine other than the waves. In a previous version of REX, I used Sparkling, and it was very good. That is no longer available however. My settings are high and I have loaded scenery based on windy, stormy conditions but still no luck in seeing those bigger whitecaps I am looking for. I would appreciate any suggestions. and thanks. Dennis
  12. I think I finally got it figured out. Loaded Enhanced update and everything seems to be working fine. Dennis
  13. Yes it does but it says to update to 4.17.2018.0818 and when I hit the update button it tells me I already have the download. (See below attachment) If I check "Check for Updates" it tells me I am current. Kinda confusing. Dennis
  14. Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. My REX is a single application of Texture Direct and Soft Clouds Version 4.8.2016.0818. Dennis
  15. Hello: I currently have REX Texture Direct with Soft Clouds and want to update to the new Free Enhanced edition. I have scoured the website and internet and cannot find a download link anywhere!! Can you please give me some guidance. I assume after I download the update I can then download the presents you have supplied. Thank you for your help. Dennis Burke
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