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  1. After ANOTHER P3D install the error is BACK to the initial one.... It looks like the installer is trying to download the file but it either isnt available or has been moved so it keeps failing....
  2. ok i tried the steps mentioned...... they didnt work either. I gave up with the thing and did a FULL windows 10Pro reinstall..... Now I am getting THIS error...... It doesnt even get to the part i was having trouble with before.....
  3. Ive been trying to get this to work all morninig. From what i can see it seems to be an SQLServer issue however I have no clue about these.... I have reinstalled the 2016 Localdb server files numerous times but it keeps saying the database is corrupt
  4. no. i have downloaded the new files this morning and keep getting the same error i originally posted......
  5. I am having trouble getting my Environment Force to reinstall after a system refresh... I kept getting the error posted in the images below. Now when i try to install it i get "You have reached the maximum number of installs" message.... Can this please be reset, and help me get this installed again because i think this makes P3D so realistic and a pleasure to fly again..... Thank you in advance....
  6. You need to cycle the debug mode on and off then run everything as Admin....
  7. Thank you for the FAST reply. I have also noticed the discount has been applied to my previous SkyForce purchase instead of the refund (or credit) to my EnvironmentForce purchase.....
  8. There is no download link to click on in the account pages to download Environment Force....
  9. NO LINK POSTED, only plain text....!!
  10. Seems I am in the same boat. Order is showing as complete. Serial number is listed but no link to actually get the software
  11. I bought REX Essentials a good while ago and it has worked amazingly well. I have since moved on to P3Dv4 and have found out you have no suitable software I can update to without paying out a lot more money. I have just been in hospital undergoing surgery and am off work on long term sick. I cannot afford to pay anything more for software due to my circumstances. Is there anything you can help me with at this time???
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