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  1. Hi Thank you very much for the explanations. You can marked the topic as resolved. Regards, Heinz
  2. Did you check it out now? The green inland water does not occur only near Bundaberg, it is all over the world. So I hope, I can change this fact with the help of the REX inland water textures. Regards, Heinz
  3. Hi You can see the Lat (S24.42.05), Lon (E152.12.53) in the upper left corner in the picture in red script. Regards, Heinz
  4. Hi Here the same picture with the lat/long. Its about 14 nm in the north of Bundaberg, Queensland in Australia. I use FSX and I have FTX Global Base Pack, FTX Global Vector and AU Australia installed. Best regards, Heinz
  5. Hello REX Guys What is the reason, you will not give me an answer? I am a verified member (I bought REX at FSS), so I think, if you have no solution for my problem, at least an answer would be fair. Best regards, Heinz
  6. The colours of the water texture change suddenly from blue to green (see picture below) and from one meter to the next. I don't like this green colour. I suppose, I can change this with the inland water textures, but when I try this like discribed in the manual, nothing happened. Can somebody explain me here, what is to do exactly. Thanks very much in advance for your help. Best regards, Heinz
  7. Question about water textures

    What can I do to change that I don't have this kind of colour in the water textures (blue water and then from one meters to the next green water)? I don't like this green water.


    Best regards, Heinz

  8. I have REX Essential Plus with Overdrive installed, Version 3.8.2014.1126. What I have more, when I will install REX 4 Texture direct with soft clouds? Is REX 4 an Add-On for REX Essential Plus with Overdrive or is it an Independent tool or does it work together with REX Essential Plus with Overdrive? When I will install REX 4 do I still need REX Essential Plus with Overdrive or is it necessary to uninstall it? A lot of question, but at this moment I still not understand the differences between these tools. Thanks very much for all explications which will help me to understand. Heinz
  9. What I can't understand is, why it is so difficult to create the possibility to enter in my user account, when it is possible to enter everywhere in my account in a online-shop. But anyway, I will no longer insist and you can please close this topic. Regards, Heinz
  10. I can't understand your statement. With my identification (email and password) I would just see the details in my own personel user account and nothing else on your server. When I buy an article in any online shop I have to open an account and later on I can go into my account every time to see al my personel details which are in. Regards, Heinz
  11. Hi Reed Is it possible for the users to enter their account and to look, what is in and especially to see what happen, based on which actions the users make in their own REX-Installation? This would help to better understand the content of the users account. Regards, Heinz
  12. Hi Reed Thanks vor the email with the list of themes you have in your system tied to my profile. Based on it I sent you a new email asking you for some clarifications. Regards, Heinz
  13. No answer to my problem? For me it's only important to know, how to practise in the future to avoid that the same will happen again, when I have to install a new update. Heinz
  14. I sent my mail 20130813. In the mail you will find some of the themes I lost. Regards, Heinz
  15. I have created just one account, but I created it twice. The first time, when I installed REX, and the second time, when I was forced to do a reinstall. But it is still one acount, with the same username and the same E-Mailadress and the same password. Regards, Heinz
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