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  1. I bought REX - Real Environment Xtreme v2.0 from the Flightsim Store several years ago. I am trying to buy Sky Force 3D (latest version) at the 15% discount price but I cannot find any REX products there listed at the FlightSim Store. Do they no longer carry REX products? If no; what must I do to receive the 15% discount when purchasing Sky Force 3D ? Below are the details of my REX Xtreme v2.0 purchase from the Flightsim Store >> REX - Real Environment Xtreme v2.0 Order Number: FSS0076712 Order Date: 2010-09-16 Thank you, Ken Boardman
  2. Thank you for the fast and informative replies. Best regards, Ken
  3. Thank you for the reply. Is World Wide Airports HD that is dated 7/26/2018 the latest update ? Thank you, Ken
  4. Hi, I just downloaded an update for World Wide Airports HD that is dated 7/26/2018 Is this update intended for FSX ? If no, is there an recent update available for FSX ? If yes, what should I be downloading ? Thank you, Ken Boardman
  5. Hi Reed,

      I just purchased WW Airports HD and can't get File Transfer Manager to install.  I have the file set to

    install as administrator but no joy.  Screen cap of the installation pop up is attached.  Waited 10 minutes

    with no progress on the progress bar.  My system runs at 3.89ghz.

    My setup:   Windows 7-64,  FSX Acceleration

      Please help me get this installed.  Perhaps there is a "workaround".

    Thank you,

    Ken Boardman


  6. Hi Tim, To update, I have the Soft Clouds SP3 Hotfix 2 installed now. Never did get the installer to work correctly on my FSX PC; but I finally tried to install SC on my networked laptop and was successful there. Then I copied the SC folder hierarchy from laptop to PC and was surprised to find that the program would function properly after this unconventional installation. I appreciate the time REX support (especially Galen) spent trying to get the SC installation to function properly on my PC. And I think Galen is likely correct regarding my Win 7-64 OS > some obscure part of the installation software may need repairing or reinstalling. I haven't had any trouble installing other programs lately, but if I do, then of course action must be taken ~:) Ken Boardman
  7. Hi Tim, Galen tried two times to help install SC via Teamviewer, and no joy. Ken
  8. Yes. Still waiting for some help here. Thank you, Ken
  9. No Reed. Soft Clouds still won't install. Ken
  10. Hi Reed, I've tried several different download techniques. The last one I tried was via the REX Download Manager. But none of the downloaded Soft Clouds ("stand alone") Setup.exe files will install the program. As mentioned, it will get me to the installation pop-up, but then there will be no progress seen on the "progress bar". Ken
  11. I had problems today updating my original Soft Clouds. I couldn't get past the ...0810 update, so I uninstalled Soft Clouds and downloaded the latest (updated ?) version from "My Account". It won't install either. I get the same behavior as when the updating failed >> It gets all the way to the pop-up with the installation progress bar, and then no progress. I've waited for over 10 minutes and there is no sign of life. Did I wait long enough ? I'm using Win 7-64, FSX Acceleration and Anti malware is OFF and I'm installing As Administrator on a secondary HDD (not HDD "C" where the OS is installed). Ken Boardman
  12. Hi Reed,

      I'm trying to update my Soft Clouds 4.1.2015.0109 to the latest build and I'm stuck

    at version 4.1.2015.0109.

      After successful update to version 4.1.2015.0109 ,   When I "check for updates" via the

    Soft Clouds interface and I download the setup file for the

    next update and run it,  I get the pop-up applet but after 5 minutes there is no progress indicated

    on the progress bar as it tries to install version 4.2.2015.1002  "  REX SOFT CLOUDS – SERVICE PACK 3 **  " 

    And version 4.2.2015.1002  does not appear to be the next update in the sequence so I'm wondering if

    the Soft Clouds update utility is calling for the wrong update.

    Please help me get this straightened out.

    Thank you,

    Ken Boardman




    1. elsmoko


      Correction >>  The Soft Clouds update utility updated me to ver 4.2.2015.0810 (not Ver 4.1.2015.0109).

      So,  my problem is that I cannot successfully complete update from ver 4.1.2015.0810 to ver 4.2.2015.1002 .


    2. bradfro31


      I cant navigate to the updates ??? ImI sorry where are they  REX 4

  13. This problem has been resolved. Suspect (but not certain) that the problem was fixed by adjusting folder and / or file properties of the "install" folder and "Setup.exe' file that were placed on the PC's HDD. REX Essential + Overdrive, version 1126 is now installed, set up, backed up and working great on my PC. Thanks to all for helping. Ken
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