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  1. There is only one MV_WXM.dll version in Prepar3D v4\modules folder for my part and nothing in my Flacon 50 aircraft folders.
  2. Hello, When i load the Flysimware Falcon 50 since i have updated WX Advantage Radar for P3D4.5, in P3D Add-ons menu why is there is 2 entry: 1) Weather radar module version info REX Wx version 1.44.1 2) Weather radar version info REX Wx version 1.40.45 In my P3DV4 module folder i have only one MV_WXM.dll version 1.44.1 so why i have two entry? I think the second one is the old version, how to remove this entry in my P3D Add-ons menu? Thanks for your help. Best Regards
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