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  1. I'm currently using a mixture of the two. P3dv4.4 Client (due to fps issues with V4.5) and Scenery and Content of V4.5
  2. My Cloud popping seemingly is no more after installing the AS 7067 update.
  3. Want to keep these inquiries fresh, as we have yet to receive the clarification as to how Auto mode works. I flew from KBOS to KLAS and did not see any texture change in Auto mode. But when I switched to Manual for Tahoe...Vwa-Lah !!!
  4. I'm recently experience pulsating clouds that expand to a 1/3 of their size and return to normal. This happens repeatedly and is only resolved when I switch from Automation to Manual Has this been reported? IT maybe related at an AS issue...just rebooted AS for p3dv4. It stopped when I closed it. And seemed to be fixed until 2 mins of running and the pulse show again
  5. Just to confirm all is working (automation), how can we see if the Over the Atlantic sky textures are installed over the Atlantic and into Barcelona Skies are installed when in Barcelona? (the same for all other texture confirmations too - like in SF where we can see the injected/current in-sim textures?
  6. Perhaps I can offer some assistance. What version of P3d are you running? Here is why. V4.5 and v4.4 are affected differently. THe shaders in v4.5 are different in that V4.5 has lighter nights and a slightly less bright days, while v4.4 has pitch dark nights and brighter days. As such, tomato shade renders them differently. In comparison, V4.5 aircraft reflections are duller at the same settings. What I've done is uninstalled client and revert to v4.4 whilst leaving content and scenery upgraded with v4.5. This not only bring back a better quality lok to p3d but it also resolves my low fps issues until LM offers the fix (which I believe may bring us back here if indeed the shaders change yet again) What I suggest is that you do the following: restore original shaders from TS the uninstall and reinstall client (your preferred version) or restore original shaders from tomato shade uninstall EF Uninstall Client 4.5 install Client 4.4 reapply TS (be sure to adjust per Chris O fix) Than install EF Then fly. Blackbox a330
  7. no issue with FSLabs here Here I have Enhanced HDR on and off again using Chris O fix
  8. I have not tried it...that's my next flight
  9. once we gather a better understanding, EF begins to reveal it true value and promise. After a Godsend discovery made by Mr. Chris O within the TOMATO sHADE setting and a few other recommendations, Im really beginning to love this product. I know there are still some early birthing pains for some, and we still need to be versed in utilizing the tool for our own setups, EF is seemingly coming together. My concerns are reports of black screens and or monotone visuals after an uninstall of the product. Surely these will be addressed shortly. In the interim I just want to share a few positive shots I'VE captured and turning of the enhanced HDR only turns of the HDR in EF (ENHANCED HDR ON ABOVE / OFF BELOW) And depending on the time of day like above, I will fl with HDR on. At night turn it off.
  10. confirmed that it works first shot Thank you Chris O
  11. After install I loaded up in the default aircraft and all appeared to be good. I then switched to pmdg gx and... is it compatible with Tomato Shade?
  12. My Error, I had a look into my configuration settings (user error). What I discovered is that after installing the update I only pointed the textures to J:/ when I should have directed them to the Flight simulator X folder. J:/Fight Simulator X. Problem resolved
  13. I've experienced this issue after installing sp1 build 3.6.2013.0415
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