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  1. Really enjoying the features this software is adding to P3D. So far, not a single glitch from anything and good solid framerates. Neal H Btw..... is the Test forum no longer active. I saw no way to post there ?
  2. Thought I would try agai to install R4 Textures after making a few changes to my PC. The video tutorial shows the downloaded files and to CAB files are all RAR (correct?) I have downloaded all files several times from PC Aviator and they are already unzipped. Is there some way I can download the program the format that you refer to? My CAB files are the correct size but the icons are not RAR (I think). Here is a pic:
  3. Sure, I would like to resolve it but there is no point in covering old ground. Basically, we have completed a full circle and I am right back where I was a month ago (or two or three,don't remember). I may try again sometime later but, for now, I am going to move on ad enjoy FSX without more frustration than necessary. You may as well close it. .
  4. I have given this a lot of thought and have decided to decline this recommendation. After several months of trying to get this program to install and numerous posts basically repeating themselves i am giving up.This is in part related to the similar situation with REX Essentials plus Overdrive, The extensiveefforts to make SimConnect work with it resulted in a reinstall of both Win7 and FSX. Sorry folks, but no program should be released that cannot be easily installed by a reasonably intelligent person. I will continue to check in from time to time hoping to find that a fix has been made available. I have enjoyed your earlier products and wish you well. However, I just do not have large amounts of time or money to spend on software that will not install or will not work. The frustration alone is enough to call it quits.
  5. To clarify: No luck trying to install on A:\REX or E:\REX so I put two new SSDs in the same PC, labeled "C" and "D", then put Win7 Pro on C drive, FSX on D drive. Booted up to the new system and tried installing REX Textures on both drives with the same result as before. Btw....The reason I was previously using "A" drive for Win7 is that my original Win 7 on C drive was corrupted by SimConnect while attempting to get REX plus Overdrive to work across a network. Instead of reformatting I just used a different partition ( A:\) thinking that it really did not matter what the drive was labeled. Now that I have a "normal" system labeling I am still unable to install REX.
  6. Read the Bold type please. You must be joking...relabel a drive with numerous programs on it? Furthermore: a program should install where I want it to install. There is nothing Holy about a drive labeled "C" I have been building and troubleshooting PCs since 1992 and have never encountered anything like this. Does not matter which drive or which PC (I have tried three) and I have yet to get the program operating. It actually installed once but crashes when the start screen appears. REX with OD not much better. Sorry...I loved earlier versions of your product. They installed with ease and worked on either server ot client. Unless you have real solution to this problem I must give up and forget the lost time and money spent on these two programs.
  7. I just reinstalled Win7 on a new hard drive on the same PC. Ditto FSX Acceleration. Rex4 Direct does exactly the same as before. The process begins normally, installing to C:\ REX Direct folder, a few of those "blue lines" indicating activity. Then that message about removing some files. That is as far as it ever gets. I have re-downloaded all files (except the .cabs) and retried several times. Antivirus disabled and install is not a network pc so SimConnect not involved. This is very discouraging: More than $50 tied up in this and REX with Overdrive and have not been able to get either working. I gave up trying last week after wasting all that time installing new SSDs, Win7, FSX.
  8. "C" drive corrupted so I now have OS on "A" drive. It should not matter because I want to install REX 4 Direct in E:\ REX| I have again downloaded the files from PC Aviator but still no go. Can someone PLEASE help me install this program. I tried dozens of times when it was put on the market but gave up. Decided to give it another try today. Different error but same discouraging result.
  9. Same here..been trying for last 24 hours. Got two corrupted and incomplete files. This morning try #3 failed (still had 8 hours to go) I have requested a refund and will buy it elsewhere after lunch. I have been well pleased with PCA over the years but this time dsomeone else will get my trade.
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