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  1. I'd also apprechiate the hotfix as soon as possible. Same problem as the others have and I had to uninstall EF to get my sim working again. If you can't release the fix yet because it's not ready that's no problem, but at least keep us posted on the progress as we paid for a product we can't use.
  2. Dear REX/MilViz. I had an interesting discussion regarding WXR's in another forums where we were unsure how your radar works exactly as there seem to be differences regarding some real world systems. Could you tell us please, 1) what is the beam width used by your weather radar at the different settings? 2) does your radar incorporate an automatic correction for the pitch attitude of the aircraft (there seem to be some real world radars, expecially on smaller planes, which don't have this)? Finally one more, I am often flying through light rain with maximum gain set, however I still do not see this rain on the radar. At maximum gain this should not be the case, right? Active Sky 2016 is my WX engine of choice at the moment, is there any known issue on this? All the bests, Emanuel
  3. Great, thanks for the quick reply!
  4. Okay, I took the risk and tried it and unfortunatly the WXR no longer works with 3.3 Any chance for an update soonish?
  5. Hey guys, has anyone already tried the WX Advantage radar in 3.3? I have yet to install the update, however I would be keen to learn whether it will work or not in advance!
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