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  1. When I try to use the Hotfix patches it keeps giving me the following error "invalid drive Z" before I am even able to select the location i'd like to install it to. Why is it doing this?
  2. Order # XGTYCYYDE Should soft clouds work with REX essential and REX4 In the same manner? I guess that's what I'm asking. Don't know how to put the order in sig at the moment on iPhone. I paid the bill and expect what I saw as advertised I'm sure it's great but as of now it's not doing what's being advertised for me so please help. Do I need REX4 To get the full benefit of soft clouds or should theh work the same with slightly older REX essential. Thanks.
  3. does it or do I have do upgrade and or do something special because I just flew threw the clouds expecting to wet my panties but they were all 2D and flat still.
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