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  1. Yes. I have a folder named Sim in D drive and inside another folder named REX. Then subfolders with each REX product D\SIM\P3D\REX\SKY FORCE D\SIM\P3D\REX\TEXTURE DIRECT D\SIM\P3D\REX\REX INSTALLER I had no option to choose where new Environment Force would be installed. All subfolders inside of REX were deleted when uninstalling Rexinstaller.
  2. Uninstalled it from Windows apps manager and my REX Sky Force and REX texture direct disappeared. I saw how during uninstall folders disappeared from my P3D folder. Installed again and no issues now.
  3. Understood. But is there a way to uninstall the rexinstaller without removing other REX applications? In fact when I tried to install them again it was like they were still there as installer asked me to modify, repair or remove. But all the folders disappeared. Choosing repair option worked for me but I needed to register again in all of them. Apart from that, I use AS4 as weather engine. Do I need to leave SkyForce open to benefit from clouds sync? Thanks very much
  4. Good morning. Just purchased REX Environment Force and downloaded files from purchasing mail. Instead of downloading directly program files I get a download manager that is installed in my PC. After running manager I downloaded another file. Installed new product without option to choose in which folder. As I don’t want more programs or files in my PC that I want, I removed Download Manager and surprise. REX Sky Force and REX Texture Direct completely removed from my Pc. What is this?
  5. Thanks very much for answer. Good news. What about runway and taxiway marks and lights?
  6. I like water. Water is healthy. This is what I have still selected and installed together with REX Sky Force and this is what I mean that is not in Sky Force until now. RUNWAY/TAXIWAY Asphalt Runways Concrete Runways Runway Details Runway Marks Asphalt Taxiways Concrete Taxiways Taxiway Details Taxiway Marks AIRPORTS (Maybe this is included in HD Airports) Airpport Lighting Airport Signage Jetway Marks Parking Marks Surface Refraction Terrain Bumpmap WATER & WAVE ANIMATION Global Water Wave Animations Regards Iñigo
  7. Thanks very much. So REX Texture Direct has no “substitute” still?
  8. Thanks for your answer and glad to read that. So I understand that Environment Force will be the updated REX4 Texture Direct isn't it? Together with Sky Force of course for the part of Clouds and Weather Engine.
  9. Hello there, I use REX Sky Force 3D together with REX 4 Texture Direct as this one covers ground and water. Is there any plan for updating Texture Direct or a new project? As REX Sky Force is the new one that does the same and better than REX Texture Direct with Soft Clouds but the ground and water are not covered so we have to install both and many of the options for REX Texture with soft clouds are not activated as REX Sky Force will dupe them. HD Airports covers ground textures but not water. What I mean is that REX Sky Force is better and newer but incomplete to let us not using older products. Thanks very much. Iñigo Bayo
  10. Answer received. Thanks very much! Xiropillo Could you please tell me the last build published for REX Essential+Overdrive? Thanks very much again
  11. Mail already sent. Not sure if doing correct but...
  12. Good morning, My actual build is 3.4.2014.1126 but what I mean is the Overdrive Expansion as it includes several textures that I have not included. Thanks again. Xiropillo
  13. Hello everyone. I think I have seen somewhere that is possible getting Overdrive extension for REX essential for free. Is that correct? Where could I find it? Thanks very much Xiropillo
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