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  1. Thank for the response, really appreciate it. Good to close this one! Cheers KS
  2. Good day, I am going to be doing a reformat and clean install of my operating system. When it comes to installing FSX and REX, will I still need to use FSUIPC? I was only using it when the early version of REX had issues with severe changes in wind. Do I still need it? Hopefully this is a good and easy one to answer! Thanks, KS
  3. Hello, I have a bit of a problem in that my texture panes are invisible. I can click on them, as I can see the mouse cursor change from arrow to hand as I hover over the blank area. Can anyone please help? Please see attached, which I hope helps. Even selecting the textures from the drop down does not help. Thanks, K-man
  4. Thanks! All done as instructed. Now on 3.6.2013.0415. I noticed in another thread that it is not a good idea to install REX under Program Files. I've had REX installed here since Day one. Why do you recommend that it is installed in C:\ for example? The thread I saw this in was: http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/25615-where-do-i-go-from-here-upgrading-3220130415/
  5. Thanks for pointing that out. Very odd, as I installed Beta 1 followed by Beta 2. So given my current version of REX + OD, 3.6.2013.0124 what upgrade route should I take as I'm now slightly confused! Thanks.
  6. Hello, I need some help regarding the best route to update from my current REX Essentials + OD 3.6.2013.0124 to the latest. The version that I am currently on is the Beta 2 update. With the release of the official update earlier this month, what path do I take to updating to this? Thanks, Karan
  7. Thanks keeszondag. Weather-wise, it's a horrible in London at the moment, and the weather that so-called loaded was too good to be true, i.e. perfect for flying! Will try again later in a bit but any est on when service will be resumed? Cheers Kilo Sierra
  8. Dear REX, Are you aware of any problems this evening? I'm experiencing no weather generation. REX Essential loads perfectly fine, and the Weather Injection is seen at the top of the window when in FSX, but no weather is actually being generated. I've tried various locctions around the globe, but each time I'm not seeing any weather generated. It was working absolutely fine up until this evening. I have not made any changes to my system. I can confirm that I have the latest version of REX Essential (as per your other forum thread). Thanks Kilo Sierra
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