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  1. I see now, thanks for pointing that out!. I got FSX running good, and have Xplane11 Waiting for more of my favorite addons to come out for P3D. And smoother on issues I see on forums. Every time I try another sim end up going back to FSX. Best regards
  2. Seems as few issues are being worked out. I got a good FSX setup running smooth,I don't want to see it messed up. but I like what is shown in this site. Do I need Sky Force3d and ENVIRONMENT FORCE or both have weather engine? Thank you!
  3. Good morning, I got REX 3, (maybe 4) Soft clouds, Weather Architect, and Airports. How much of an upgrade and worth to get REX 5 ( and environment) and if so, do I better get the previous uninstalled and just sick to REX5 and Environment? I been away for a while so I'm relearning it. Appreciate any input you may have. Best regards
  4. Yes, It works. Now, I'm sure we may not be the only ones, May be good to have people know. Again , its up to you all. Good job rstough! And thanks again. I have not done a flight yet but it looks promising. Best Regards
  5. I have been installing all different add-ons from diverse providers. All good. if it helps
  6. downloader, not sure about how to use a downloader. I gave all permissions to the folder and software, got an incompatibility version of software, asking me to check if it is a 32 or 64 bit. can't go past that. another one telling me it couldn't find the path to the setup executable.
  7. gives me a error that is as follows: The version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need x86 (32bit) or 64x (64bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher.
  8. By the way my order number at Simmarket is: 1448320
  9. I have tried to install it and tells me I got the wrong installer. I use Windows 7. I'm not tripping I know things happen and all I may need is some instructions or feed back from you. I used to be more of an anxious person, but also can enjoy the process as good as a good glass of wine : ) I purchased my 2 latest REX at Simmarket cause I was also getting some scenery packages. I forgot I had an account here. Next time.
  10. Will do, Thank you, Prompt and to the point. Keep it up,
  11. Good Morning! First, I already own REX2. I was not sure what to get so I purchased this...REX - REX4 TEXTURE DIRECT HD WITH SOFT CLOUDS FSX P3D . Do I need to uninstall REX2? Is there anything else I need to install it? My apologies if this sound in any other way but correct tone. I usually do some research. I also purchased REX4 WEATHER ARCHITECT FSX FSXSE P3D . Main reason is I like REX period. it has enhanced Flight sim X and I trust this will be another great product. Any input will be greatly appreciated beto1
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