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  1. Good Evening, I have been a long time user of REX products, all the way back to REX essentials back in 2008. All of my products have been bought through the FSS, as this place seems to be dying a slow and painful (for customers) death, is there any chance I can get my products moved over here, directly with you guys? Not looking to scam anything here, and I will prove that I genuinely own the products, however which way you guys need it to be proved? Please! Thanks
  2. I do appreciate the time to respond, I don't own any milviz products, so unless you have a cheeky monkey up your sleeves, Im not sure how it would serve me. I dont mean to be nasty or condescending but.. (theres always a but) surely if you, REX didn't ask PMDG directly for the information required in order to serve your current customer base, would it be REX locking themselves out of the biggest aircraft add-on maker for FS, rather than PMDG locking themselves out of the REX customer base. I have owned REX for many years, but with this PMDG announcement it has prompted me to seek answers of the viability and longevity of REX.
  3. As the title says, PMDG announced that they will be making a weather radar in conjunction with 'the other FS weather addon company'. Obviously, I don't know all the details, but it was mentioned that it works because AS will send data to the aircraft in a format which is readable by PMDG's software. Will REX be doing the same thing in the near future?
  4. I meant not to show any respect towards the devs, I do understand that its alot of hard work in order to get where you've gotten to. Hats off to you and the other devs, Its alot more than I and 90% of the FS community could do. Jack
  5. WAit a few days, Delete it, and install Essentials :-D
  6. I think thats a bit of an extreme comparison and probably wide of the mark, I have never used AS12, but as they are in direct competition of REX, I would assume that the products are very closely matched and in the end it will come down to a visual element that dicates the 'winning' product. People today (all walks of life) can be very impaitent and I implore those that waited for essentials. The announcement for essentials was around the same time as as12 (not sure if it was before or after, dont really care) but it showed the current REX customers that REX are stepping up to the challenge of a product that was newer than REX 2.0. Considering the time frame in which a decent FS product created is usually around the 18-24 months mark, REX essentials appears to have been made in alot shorter time and the devs can only be commended for its 'answer' to as12. And Im pretty sure that REX devs have used AS12 in order to see what its like and how REX essentials can be made to ensure that its now the leading product in weather simulation within the FS world. I think Pete, your statement would be better put as Comparing AS12 to REX essentials, is like comparing the Ifly 737NG to the PMDG 737NG. I hope my comments do not lead to me getting banned, I am not advertising the competition but just offering a sound and reasoned argument to Petes statement
  7. http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/REX_Essential_Product_Manual.pdf Im still unsure of what to do once its been released. Can I just unsintall my current rex2.0+OD and install REX Essentials?
  8. Ive only just heard about essentials but I want to be verified too!
  9. Yeah I was posting cause I had the thought... I wonder if someones created a realistic hurricane theme... because i like living dangerously like that. I did actually fly around Irene on thursday night from MMUN to EGCC, was a looooong and very uncomfortable flight (Thomson)
  10. Forgive me if im being stupid, as you can of course save Themes... But my question is, can you upload a theme somewhere and download them. If so is there anywhere on this forum/website that accomodates for this? Perhaps in the screenshot forum... 'Heres a picture of what it does, and here is the file so you can look like this too' I have played around with the themes and created my own so many times, but no matter what I do, I can never get them to look as good as some of the screenshots that people post. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I already know im an idiot, so need to mention that
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