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  1. Hello birckdk There is/was an issue with how REX was to be installed. It may not hold true at thsi time but in the past REX "MUST" be installed on the C drive,.....or at least where ever Windows is installed. Something along those lines but yo might research it a bit using my information to guide you. I see you have multiple drives and suspect you are trying to install to a non-default location...? Is there anything here... http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32955-REX-essential-frequently-asked-questions/?p=241551 ...that might rattle it loose?
  2. While downloading, temporarily disable your AV and your firewall.
  3. A re-install plus the updates cured it Thanks ! PS: I would copy/paste the topic I found in the knowledge base for others but my copy/paste function doesn't work in the REX forums,......nor in Orbx's.......
  4. Hello I know I have seen this issue before, many moons ago but my search comes up empty. I'll keep it short and to the point but if more information is needed, then by all means I will provide it. I think it's a common issue and an easy fix but I'm not certain. Thanks
  5. IF you post three screen, one at dawn, another at mid-day, and another at dusk, with a few clouds we will be able to tell.
  6. chik


    Hi Danny Thanks for posting. While I may sound ungrateful, I really am not. My frustration stems from the fact that I spent $200.00 in the hopes of finally getting something I could fire up on my PC and enjoy all aspects of flying. Instead, it seems to be the same old story. Change this setting Tweak that setting Install those files Edit some lines there etc etc etc etc etc etc I'll give it go however just because I'm stubborn! Thanks again
  7. Hello all I would like to start a thread talking about water in P3D. I'm quite pissed that I spent so much money and got horrible water among other things. Those of you who have managed to get your water looking good please post pics. Also include a brief explanation about how you have your settings both in P3D as well as REX and any adjustments you may have made via other files. Thanks
  8. Hello Here a few suggestions you can try: 1) Check Windows updates and continue to so repeated until Windows reports that there are no more updates available. Reboot regardless of Windows not asking you to do so. 1) After you unzip you download, right click on the folder and select properties. On the security tab be sure that all users have all of the boxes ticked in permissions. Next click on the Compatibility tab and ensure that the .exe will run as Administrator. 2) Temporarily disable your AV. 3) Open your firewall and "add" the REX4 .exe through as safe. 4) Install REX4 to the default location. They have designed the software to install to their default location for optimal results. 5) After you have finished installing reboot your PC again. 6) Continue with your configuration of REX4. Hope this helps
  9. According to the Auto Updater I now show version 3.3.2013.0715 in the UI The product key has been sent in a PM
  10. Hello I installed P3d about a month ago and installed REX, updated to 1029 and proceeded to buy the P3D key. That went well but I had some issues performance wise so I decided to reformat my PC and start all over again. I have installed REX and updated to 1029. My problem is that I only have the "purchase" option available in the REX configurator in order to point it to P3D. I also cannot remember what I did with my activation number. Thanks for your help chik ....I have uninstalled the overdrive and repaired my original REXE. I now have the option of entering my P3D Activation code but, , I don't where it is or how I got it in the first place . I think I was redirected to Simflight but I cannot find a record there or at Paypal.
  11. ah sure thing. Repair windows from a backup, .....not needed in the end. .......................Repair FSX/Acceleeration,.......everything works perfectly. Thanks
  12. Fixed! I could spend days trying to figure this out but I just took the easy way and did an FSX repair. Now I just have to check and make sure everything is as it should be.
  13. Hmm No glory in Kentucky tonight. Still gets the shutdown and I cannot remember the last thing I did before it flopped.
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