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  1. I ahve been using SFX for ages but I have never been able to keep it working in P3D 2.xxx. It works when I start P3D but as soon as I access either menu it shuts off never to return W7
  2. copy that.......thanks for answering
  3. chik

    I'm back!

    ....the links are broken......at least for me.
  4. Hello 757captain In short, there is no real answer to that question. The results that each person experiences is relevant to the screen/monitor spec's. Many files have been uploaded around the web but you just have to either pic one that suits you or tweak it until it does same. I have (as some others have) laid out a fairly detailed set of instructions about how install and set the various parameters as well as one of my settings. You can find it at Orbx under Community Scenery Addons. I wish I could have provided you with a link but for some reason I cannot copy/paste in this forum, haven't been able to for a long time but that's another issue. PS: Admins, is it ok to direct users to outside links.
  5. Recently I have been playing around with Arma 3. It is a military simulator created by Bohemia Interactive. Without going into too much detail, I was wondering if REX would be interested in creating a simple "mod" for it in order to improve the sky and water environment. chik
  6. No, mine are different versions than that of REX's
  7. Your video card may be getting to hot. Install Nvidia Inspector and set your fan control to "auto". Ensure good case ventilation. There are other fan controllers out there as well.
  8. that's a known bug in FSX as you make your approach. I don't think anyone has pinned it down to anything specific whether it's AI or heavy use of autogen. Either way you should check your task manager next time during your flight and see of it spikes at any one time during your flight. There are numerous topics on memory and\or the lack of. Nick's thread called The Bible addresses this topic as well, just to steer you in the right direction.
  9. I wouldn't mind but you do realize that 1) Your PC is at the very low end as far as spec's req'd. It will probably run P3d but at or near the lowest possible settings. I will tell you that there is not a laptop that is built to withstand the torture (heat) generated by flightsimming. I guarantee you to there will be some who yap off about how their laptop runs it just fine. I say bull@#$%. 2) It will probably take upwards of at least 3 to 4 hours of my time at the very least. Why? I don't install a sim without first configurating your PC settings somewhat. You will have to be very patient because it does take time to set it up. I understand your frustration because 'simming has become very complex. Even so I encourage you read up on the subject if this is a hobby you have an interest in. Depending on others will surely disappoint you because folks are just to busy. I have gobs of information to share. Good luck
  10. It just occurred to me that I found that out quite some time ago so might go to the Nvidia forums to see if new drivers could accomplish what you need.
  11. You cannot "span" two monitors using your Nvidia card. Nvidia requires a minimum of three. Your options are, 1) buy a third screen 2) buy Matrox a) Dual Head To Go or Triple Head To Go. if you think you will eventually add the third screen in the future.
  12. Give him a ring via a pm. He may share it with you.
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