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  1. When I used P3D + SkyForce 3D I used to get some really neat 3D model options such as rain shafts, roll clouds, etc. Using EF with the SkyForce option on, I'm not seeing these things anymore. Doesn't EF utilize these SF options anymore?
  2. Same here, I'm picky about the stars in sim, I find when using a PTA preset or even (note! *DEFAULT*/reset) shaders (EF not open) I get my preferred stars below. Then when I use EF the stars look "cartoony" too big and the sky is very bright as below...
  3. OK so I like to use a shader preset I have for PTA utilizing water and land terrain shaders. So I turn off "Enable Scene Lighting" and "Enable Water Control" in the automated environment controls panel and it seems that EF still goes ahead and overwrites the terrain and water shaders anyway? Are there issues with using PTA and EF or am I doing something wrong? Thank you.
  4. Thank you for clarifying this Jarek!
  5. But I thought SF changed cloud textures AND Models "on the fly" automatically, correct? So how could changing something in SF while P3D is running mess something up? And just so I totally understand here; as long as we have SF installed (but NOT running), EF (in auto mode) will pull both cloud textures AND models depending on weather situation, correct? Thank you!
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