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    Ok thanks guys, its not just me, hehe
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    Hi Guys, dunno if this is in the right place, but Britain has been awash with rain and floods for weeks now and everytime I fly in the UK the place is covered in snow. I updated a lot of files today and it says I'm running REX Essential Plus, version 3.3.2013.0715 My Flightsim is FSX and I have Orbx global, Orbx Vector and Scotland. Eng. Wales also by Orbx. Still covered by the white stuff, any help appreciated cheers
  3. hi guys, just wondered if any of you guys know a tweak in REX that would lessen the effect of a level of mist that just looks unnatural? sometimes its from above and it appears like water surrounding the mountains, sometimes your below it in the clear but above there is the mist that looks as if your flying in split screen mode, cant see an attachment option or i would post a screen of it cheers!
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