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  1. fltsimguy2


    After you fix your issue, which many of us have had similar experience.....focus on a master backup scenario. Have a backup procedure for absolutely everything. Today, data is king, digital everything. Photos, movies, personal info, etc. Flightsim should be right up there, backup payware, backup your sim. cheers.
  2. I downloaded the new hotfix installer for Texture Direct + Soft Clouds enhanced. Installed as per the instruction page. Set up a theme I have all textures checked in the config. I am using 1014 res for low and high clouds and 4096 for runways and taxiways. I have DXT 5 and DXT! for compression alg. DX11 enabled. My weather engine is REX essentials Plus OD and I click "fly now" for weather injection. I have a robust gaming machine, specs I7-6700K 4.2GHZ overclocked GTX 970 4GB 7GHZ GDDR5 RAM 16G DDR4 2133MHZ ASUS Z170-A ATX LGA1151 Z170 Skylake DDR4 3PCI-E16 3PCI-E1 1PCI CrossFireX/SLI USB3.1 Motherboard Under previous flying settings and weather, my sim ran smooth as silk, never a stutter, pause. Frames remained stable at 29.5 (locked at 30). If unlocked frames ranged from 30-90. My sim has been turned into a slideshow, a complete disaster of performance. The sim, pauses, stutters, frame fluctuate between 1 and if I am lucky pointed at the sky...maybe 20. I shut down, went back to the interface and unclicked the HDR textures box, I then, reinstalled the same theme, I assume that is the process to replace the textures. I have HDR unchecked in the sim. Absolutely no impact on the sim, still disgusting identical performance. I am deep breathing but am very annoyed at what has happened. Any idea what the heck happened and what I might do to remedy this major collapse in performance?? Bryan
  3. Full version with TD w/SC. OK thanks....any ETA on this?
  4. Yes once again I am somewhat confused, not surprising. I have TD4 with Soft Clouds and have no idea where to find an installer, if there is one. I see individual installers for each product but not a combined version. Is there a combo installer available OR what is the procedure for those of us who have the combined package. Bryan
  5. Doesn't this do the trick for you.
  6. So I made the move to P3D V4. I read up on REX 4 and Soft Clouds. It appears I need a hot-fix before I should use it in the P3D V4, I think. I launch the REX 4 and Soft Clouds and its says I need an update, I go through that process and nothing seems to happen I get the same 4.8.2016.0926 version. I go to the hotfixes section, and pull down a hotfix zip file, unzip, install an update. I think I used the wrong hotfix...rextd_sp6_hotfix4_20160928 instead of rextdsc_sp6_hotfix4_20160928. Meaning what, that I have lost my soft clouds? So I try to install rextdsc_sp6_hotfix4_20160928 and it says I can't do that, I have to uninstall the previous update. So I go to the programs uninstaller and remove that update. So I again try again to use the "correct" hotfix. It still won't let me. What the heck am I supposed to do to get my REX4 + Soft Clouds updated? AND, can I use this along with my REX essentials (licenced for P3D) in my P3D V4? Help please, Bryan
  7. Tried every sort of combination following your instructions. Its broke! I can't reset the account! Help please.
  8. FAILED 1. I went to the website step one and reset the account. 2. opened REX, on Config TAB 3. clicked RESTORE CONFIG SETTING 4 went to the username passward useraccount, got my password with my username 5 entered into the boxes, pressed restore and ...NOTHING. I still do not have access. The dialog box said I had successfully restored my config, themes, profile info.
  9. Found the purchase NOV 13 NOV 14 REX GAME STUDIOS, LLC 480-390-5487 AZ 24692166318000670399061 Foreign Currency-USD 4.99 Exchange rate-1.388777 $6.93
  10. I was away on an extended 3 month holiday. When I returned, the HD that I store all my FS Utilities...died. I used a backup to restore to a new HD. I launch REX Essentials+OD to use the fly now engine (with my REX 4 Direct w Soft Clouds) but I find that my one-time fee is not longer activated. I can't recall how I made the purchase to restore the capability for rights to P3D, I think through PayPal but I can't find any record of this. Can you please advise me on how I can restore my P3D rights without purchasing for a second time? Bryan
  11. Thanks for asking. I hope to check this out soon. I have been extremely ill with a combined pneumonia and flu. I am only now getting back on my feet.
  12. I updated the P3Dv3.4 Client. My sim is now I am still getting an incompatable error and the gauge is not working. Now what? I'm not sure what I should do.
  13. I wondering about this exact question. I do not want to reinstall all my addons, it would take a week 24/7. Longer if I wanted to get some sleep.
  14. OH boy! I didn't really want to update as things are working fine. What a hobby we have, continual and ongoing update this leads to updating that. I will do the update to the most recent version and hope this works. Thank you for this support. Bryan
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